IC Radio: Interview with Al Strachan

On Saturday’s Illegal Curve Hockey Show former columnist and Hockey Night in Canada commentator Al Strachan came on the show to discuss the latest in hockey. The outspoken commentator spoke his mind and provided the analysis that he has given throughout his Hall of Fame writing career. Here are some notable quotes from the interview.

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Winnipeg Jets Penalty Kill Dissected

On Saturday’s Illegal Curve Hockey Show Jeremy Weiss of Weiss Tech Hockey came on to discuss the Winnipeg Jets penalty kill. You can listen to his appearance on the podcast, which should be available by the end of the weekend. Watch more videos from Weiss Tech Hockey on YouTube, they are a great tool for hockey coaches. […]

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Winnipeg Jets Licence Plate FAQ

How much do the plates cost? The plates cost $70 including GST. Who gets the money? The Winnipeg Jets True North Foundation will receive $30 from every purchase. Manitoba Public Insurance will also receive $30 (production costs, operating costs, cost recovery for implementation expenses). The Province of Manitoba will receive $10, as they do on […]

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