Wither the White-Out?

With the release of the Winnipeg Jets jerseys last week, the checklist of items that True North Sports and Entertainment have been working on since May 31, 2011 is slowly beginning to come to an end. Sure paint needs to still be applied in areas of the MTS Centre, and sure everyone is champing at […]

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Dustin Byfuglien’s Historic Shooting Season

I am of the belief if you don’t shoot, you can’t score.  Clearly that mantra is also shared by Jets defenceman Dustin Byfuglien, who had a team leading shot total of 347.  What is especially interesting was that it was so much higher than Evander Kane’s 234 (a difference of 113). I found it unusual […]

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Selecting a “major Canadian concert act” for the Jets weekend party

On August 21, 2011 Gary Lawless and Ed Tait wrote an article in the Winnipeg Free Press reporting that Winnipeg would be the home for the NHL’s kickoff party, called “NHL Face-Off”.   The celebration would be the weekend of October 6, ending on the 9 with the Jets first regular season home game. One would think, […]

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Who Will Drop the Gloves for the Winnipeg Jets?

Regardless of your opinions on fighting in hockey, it remains a part of the game. No other sport allows players to stop the game, drop the gloves and fight. If something of that nature happened in any other major sport, fines and suspensions would be handed out. Two men going toe to toe, will always […]

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What about the Winnipeg Jets Power Play?

Last Wednesday, Illegal Curve’s Richard Pollock wrote an article about  the Winnipeg Jets (Atlanta Thrashers) penalty killing and how it needs to improve significantly from last season in order for the Jets to improve its overall record this season. In today’s column, I’m going to look at the Jets power play, including how it did […]

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Who Will Shoot for the Winnipeg Jets?

Even though the shootout is not the preferred method of hockey fans to settle a tie, it is a reality in today’s NHL. In this article I will examine last year’s shootout stats for the Atlanta Thrashers. The main focus is to determine who will be taking the shots for the Jets this season when […]

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