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Will the Winnipeg Jets make the playoffs? Test your powers of prognostication.

This week both Rich and Ez gave their own takes on why they thought the Winnipeg Jets would or wouldn’t make it to the 2011/12 playoffs, both of which you can read here:

Ezra’s 5 Reasons Why the Jets will make the playoffs.

Richard’s 5 Reasons Why the Jets will not make the playoffs.

Each guy took a look at a variety of factors and came to their respective conclusions.  While I can see both sides of their argument the beauty of sports and why athletes play the game is that for all the predictions and expectations you can’t ever anticipate exactly how a season will play out.

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The Tampa Bay Lightning improved from 12th in 2009/10 to 5th last season and were 1 game away from the Stanley Cup Finals.  Do I think the Jets have the depth at forward to make that sort of leap?  Not yet, but it’s also too early to end the season before it has started.  Remember that the former Atlanta Thrashers began last season on quite the run and perhaps as Ezzy said, you shouldn’t ever count out the impact the Whiteout could have on this team.

Regardless of whether or not this team makes the playoffs, as a fan you can’t help but be excited about the fact that you are going to be watching your team playing in 82 NHL games next season.

So far you’ve read two of our writer’s takes on what the 2011/12 Jets season could look like.  We want to know what your expectations are.  Would you be extremely disappointed if the Jets don’t make the playoffs?  Or would you simply be happy to watch a team based in Winnipeg playing in the NHL, knowing that it might be a few years before they make noise in April, May and June?  Sound off in the comments.