Dave and Ezzy’s Top 10 Winnipeg Jets Away Games

A hockey roadtrip, why not!  There is something quite exciting about supporting your team when they are on the road.  Perhaps it is the thrill of an impending thrashing (hopefully only verbally and not physically) at the hands of the opposing teams fans whose arena you’ve invaded but as David Puddy said on Seinfeld, “you gotta […]

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Craig Heisinger’s Rise to Power

Craig Heisinger has come a long way since the days of equipment manager for the Winnipeg Jets. Today was a special day for him as he was named Vice President of Hockey Operations & Assistant GM of The Currently Unnamed Winnipeg NHL Franchise. Deciding to start a career in hockey, is similar to moving to […]

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2011 NHL Entry Draft Analysis: Winnipeg/Manitoba First Round Primer

We’re number 7! Well, the good news for Winnipeg/Manitoba hockey fans is that might mean the chance to draft the next Jeff Skinner for our new NHL franchise. Winnipeg/Manitoba will have the 7th overall pick at the 2011 NHL Entry Draft in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Friday, June 24, 2011 and if last year’s 7th overall pick, […]

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