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Drama in the Desert: TSN panel says if the NHL returns to Peg team should be called Jets, Mayor offers trip to Bryzgalov to see Winnipeg, Yotes GM makes no excuses for team

Montreal Gazette:  Winnipeg gets bad rap even if its coldest city in worldColdest city is quite the monikerHere come your Manitoba IciclesWinnipeg is apparently the coldest city with a population over 600,000.   Of course with the city having over 750,000 people now, perhaps that title is no longer deserved.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Glendale considers alternate strategyInteresting theory that the COG could dip into it’s reserve fund.

Winnipeg Sun:  Winnipeg Mayor Katz wants Bryzgalov to see the cityGood on the Mayor to jump all over this.  It’s an opportunity to showcase the city.  While Peggers’ know the many benefits of living in the city, clearly Ilya needs a lesson.

TSN:  Should NHL return to Winnipeg, should team reclaim JetsNot a surprise that the TSN Panel (Bob McKenzie, Craig MacTavish and Aaron Ward) want to capture the nostalgia of the name.  Of course, we’d also like to capture a few more series victories.
home jersey 1989 big

Fox News:  Coyotes GM says off-ice issues no excuse for sweep This guy is quite the GM.  Any city would be lucky to have him working for their team.

Globe & Mail:  Coyotes and Maloney need answersI’m pretty sure you can find some Russian salami in Winnipeg.

TSN:  Coyotes clean our lockers, unsure if they’ll return to desertAt least we know that we won’t still be wondering what the fate of the Coyotes will be at this time next season…right? right?  Anyone?

Arizona Republic:  Don Maloney has plenty of optionsWill be nice for him once the NHL no longer is controlling the purse strings.

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