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Winnipeg Jets Morning Papers (Sunday, Oct. 23rd)

Admiration from across the nation. Mason skates from bench to first star. Looks like Ladd’s visor here to stay. Burmistrov’s goal simply a beauty. Ladd thankful to Carolina. Winnipeg sports scene is sizzling hot. Stuart pays painful price for sacrificing his body. Justin Bieber and girlfriend hit the ice at the MTS Centre. Jets get breakout win over ‘Canes

Winnipeg Free Press:  Admiration from across the nationWhat a time to be a sportsfan in the Peg’.  The Bombers are heading to the playoffs and the Jets looked like they could score some goalsIt wasn’t a Grey Cup victory and the Stanley Cup playoffs but for fans here in Winnipeg yesterday was certainly a special day.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Forces of good prevailAll didn’t appear well in Jetsland 7 minutes into the team’s 1st Saturday night HNIC home game.  The team was down 2-0 but they persevered and battled back to score 5 straight.  They killed off a critical 5 on 3 Canes’ powerplay and held on for the 2nd win of the season.
Jets vs. Hurricanes 0331

Winnipeg Free Press: Mason skates from bench to first starThe Mason chants were raining down on the Jets back-up goaltender last night.  He certainly used that crowd energy.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Looks like Ladd’s visor here to stayDoesn’t appear that the visor inhibited his scoring ability as his knuckler yesterday bounced past a startled Boucher.

Winnipeg Sun:  Burmistrov’s goal simply a beautyQuite the birthday weekend for the 20 year old.  Celebrated his bday on Friday and put the Jets on the board, when he tallied a beauty on the powerplayLove that the GST line has taken hold.

Winnipeg Sun:  Ladd thankful to CarolinaHe had the opportunity to learn from some very good leaders when he first came into the league.  This has translated into his quiet success as a leader for the Winnipeg Jets.

Winnipeg Sun:  Sizzling hot sports cityThe weather was warm (relatively speaking) the Bombers and Jets both won, all is well in the city of WinnipegWith the way both the CFL Blue Bombers and NHL Jets had been playing, many were not anticipating the wins that both teams pulled off.  In both cases yesterday, they came from behind to secure important W’s.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Stuart pays painful price for sacrificing his bodyThis guy is a workhorse.  He does the little things throughout the game which don’t show up on the scoresheet but do help his team immeasurably.

Globe and Mail:  Justin Bieber and girlfriend hit the ice at MTS CentreIs this hockey news?  Apparently.  I guess if Bieber can inspire kids to be interested in hockey because he showed up, that is probably a good thing.

Globe and Mail:  Jets get breakout win over ‘CanesIt was the game everyone was waiting to see.  The Jets broke out of their offensive slump and put up 5 goalsCoach Noel clearly wasn’t happy with his 1st round pick yesterday, who only managed 7:01 time on ice and who he was seen yelling at on the bench.