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Nightly Hockey Hits

Nightly Hockey Hits: The best hockey video game review you will ever read, Ray Emery gets some advice from Smokin’ Joe Frazier, Are fans, scalpers ready for dynamic ticket pricing?

A hockey video game review that will keep you laughing. Is there any video game music more classic than Blades of Steel? The Canadiens are dealing with a lot of cliches right now. Which player will emerge as a star for the Oilers? These stories and much more after the jump.

Some news and notes from across the blogs:

  • Down Goes Brown:  An early review of NHL 10.  This is one of the funniest hockey blogs out there and should keep your chuckling throughout the article.  Example from this post; when discussing Bugs in the game “AI-controlled teams occasionally make roster moves they’d never make in real life. For example, in one sim I noticed the Leafs had signed another team’s RFA, which of course is ridiculous since Brian Burke hates when teams do that.”
  • The PensBlog:  The History of hockey video games.  Wow, talk about a walk down memory lane.  I remember the Intellivision.  I loved Blades of Steel.  Always bothered me though, that when I played as the Oilers, they were green and yellow. 
  • NHL Fanhouse: Joe Frazier visits with Ray Emery, says hockey is tougher than boxing.  Emery seems to be the most talked about goalie right now.  With the Flyers being picked by some to be Stanley Cup contenders, the focus will squarely be on Emery.
  • Clockwork Orange:  A number of Flyers links.  If you are interested in the Flyers, here are the day’s links for you While browsing the site I came across this video of Snoop Dog with Chris Pronger from 2008.  Pretty funny stuff.   Now wouldn’t that make for an interesting defensive pairing (although I always thought Snoop was an Islanders fan).
  • Maple Leafs Hot Stove:  Training Camp day 2.  Nazem Kadri doesn’t seem likely to crack the Leafs this season.  Good sign for the Leafs that they have enough depth to not have to rely on Kadri this season.
  • Lions in Winter:  Only cliches can stop them now.  Very in-depth analysis of the current Habs previews.
  • The Hockey News:  Montreal Canadiens defence “older and wiser” after off-season moves.  They are going to have to improve as a group from last season’s performance.
  • Snapshots:  Red Wings officially place Lilja on the long term injured reserve.  Not much of a surprise.  As was discussed in our Red Wings Season Preview, it was expected that he would start the season on the LTIR.  The bad news for Lilja is good news for the Wings other defenceman Brett Lebda and Derek MeechIf you missed the punch that put him on the LTIR, here it is, courtesy of Nashville’s Shea Weber.
  • Dobber Hockey:  Judge the blood.  Some very good video from Colorado Avalanche camp.  Watching new goalie coach Jocelyn Thibault advise the young prospects.
  • Oilers Nation:  Picking an unlikely player to emerge as a star for the Oilers this season.  Interesting choice.  Wonder if the boo birds in Edmonton will give him another chance.
  • Canucks Army:  Vancouver players to watch for in tonight’s Canucks versus Islanders game.   Too bad Canucks prospect Hodgson won’t be in Terrace tonight.
  • Defending Big D:  Early impressions from Stars training camp.  Lots doing in Texas.
  • The Bruins Blog:  Some action photos of the Bruins at training camp.  Some good action shots.
  • Rangers Blog: Christopher Higgins on Torts.  Nobody likes getting called out by the coach, especially in the first scrimmage.
  • The Hockey News:  Did the Sens do well in the Heatley trade?  I think they added some more depth so it will work out for them.  Another good read about this wa by IC’s editior Richard, who offers a very good assessment of his own.
  • The Litter Box:  Panthers sign UFA defenseman Dennis Seidenberg.  Good signing by the Panthers.
  • Puck Daddy:  Are fans, scalpers ready for dynamic ticket pricing?  Ummm as Jerry Seinfeld said on the Cigar Store Indian episode, they are not scalpers but more appropiately termed “guys, that uh, they sell the tickets for the sold-out events.”