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Nightly Hockey Hits

Nightly Hockey Hits: Does the Heatley trade set a bad precedent, 3 reasons why the Flyers will win the Cup, examining the value of draft picks vs. Phil Kessel for Leafs.

A day after the big Dany Heatley trade, more reaction is forthcoming. Will the Philadelphia Flyers win the Stanley Cup? Looking at the value of 1st round draft picks in the context of a possible Leaf offer for Kessel. These stories and much more after the jump.

Some news and notes from across the blogs:

  • NHL Fanhouse:  Dany boy gets his way but does it set a bad precedent?  Sure does.  I don’t think people would care as much as they do but for the fact that he put Ottawa in a terrible position.
  • Dead Red Sens:  Swimming with Sharks.  Did Doug Wilson circle the Sens until they were too weak and had to make the trade?
  • Working the Corners:  Some Sharks players react to the departure of longtime teammates as well as feelings towards new teammate, Dany Heatley.  They should be excited because him and Thornton are going to be a deadly combo next season.
  • The Hockey News:  Three reasons why the Philadelphia Flyers will win the cup.  I’m ok with the first two reasons but number three is what could do in the Flyers chances to advance.  Well that and the Bruins, Capitals, Penguins and Hurricanes.
  • Maple Leafs Hot Stove:  The value of a 1st round draft pick.  Now this is number crunching I can get behind.  Do you agree with the conclusions?
  • Habs Inside/Out:  Understatement of the camp so far.  In fairness to Buffalo, not many cities in North America have a downtown like Montreal.
  • Hitting the Post:  So whatya get?  Do Minnesota Wild fans not travel well?  Its pretty interesting to see the amount of traveling that fans will do to see their team play.
  • On Frozen Pond:  On a day where IC released it’s Panthers season preview, here is some news from the first day of Florida camp.  The Panthers are going to have a tough season this year.
  • Ranger Rant:  Two blue line candidates.  Guys who look to finish off the 6th and 7th spots for New York.  As well, Gaborik skipped on-ice camp again today.
  • Thrashers Blog:  Kovalchuk hopeful for new contract.  Good news if you are a Thrashers fan.
  • Puck Rakers:  Positive economic signs for the Jackets.  Good to see in these tough economic times, solid franchises like Columbus are still managing to succeed.
  • Flames Nation:  Can less be more?  The question in Calgary seems to be not if Kiprusoff suffers from fatigue by end of season, but if his game is breaking down for other reasons.
  • Greatest Hockey Legends:  An introduction to Terrace, British Columbia, also known as Hockeyville.  Trust me when I say this, if you have a chance to ever go to B.C., don’t walk, run, because it is one of the most beautiful places in North America
  • Icethetics:  Preds 3rd jersey leaked at a Taylor Swift concert.  I’d belong to her…..


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