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Playoff Predictions

IC Playoff Predictions: 1st Round Results

Taking a look at the East, it appears that the guys powers of prognostication were pretty, pretty, pretty good in some of the series.  Ez appears to be an all or none type of picker.  He got punted from 2 series but also picked the right # of games in 2 others.  The other 3 guys went 4/4 and each was able to accurately predict 1 series length.

Over in the West, the guy’s picking percentage went down as everyone but Ez (2/4) went 3/4.  Remis showed that he was the King of Prognostication as he correctly predicted a Wings sweep of the Yotes and a Sharks victory in 6 over the Kings.

What have we learned?  We’ve learned that if you ever want playoff tips, don’t listen to Ez as he went 4/8 in the 1st Round.  The other 3 showed some adeptness, going 7/8.  Remis accurately called the most series length (3/8), with Ez going 2/8 and both Rich and Drew just 1/8.

Thanks to IC readers Hbomb & AllyK for getting their predictions in for the 1st round.  hbomb went 5/8 and AllyK went 7/8, accurately predicting the length of 2 series.  If you would like to get your predictions in for the 2nd round please do so in the comments section.

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