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Hockey Hits: Sidney Crosby vs. Alex Ovechkin, NHLPA circus another step backwards for Fankind, Who will wear the ‘C’ for the Wild?

With the NHLPA in an uproar, Down Goes Brown provides what they think was the conversation that went on behind closed doors, how this circus is bad news for fans, why do people say no to the Panthers, another Crosby vs. Ovechkin debate, Ritter rants about current NHL events, Brandon Dubinsky wants to remain a Ranger, Chelios to Nashville looks promising, the Wild are likely to name first ever permanent captain, do the gloves not match the Wild uniform, Todd Bertuzzi is happy to be a Wing and it is looking like Roberto Luongo might be a Canuck for life.

Some news and notes from across the blogs:

  • Down Goes Brown:  The NHLPA fires Paul Kelly – The top secret transcript.  Funny as always.
  • NHL FanhouseNHLPA circus another step backwards for fankind.  Its enough to make you think twice about supporting the league.  With all the arguing that goes on, I think, too often, both the players and owners forget about the fans that pay money that affords these guys the luxury they have in life.
  • the Rat Trick:  Why does everyone say no to the Florida Panthers?  Who would have thought it would end up like this?  Back in the 90’s Florida looked to be the star pupil and Tampa its less talented cousin.  With the Stanley Cup win of 2004 and a re-built offence, Tampa looks to be the A student and Florida is left playing catch-upPavel Bure where are you now?
  • PensBurgh:  Sidney Crosby vs. Alex Ovechkin.  Will this debate ever end?  Not likely for another 15 years.  How do you decide who is better?  Some people would say a player that makes the players better around him, while others view individual accolades as criteriaWho do you think is the better player?
  • T.O. Sports:  Ritter rants about the Leafs offering Allison a deal, Bettman offering 140 million for the Coyotes, Oilers possible new arena, Paul Kelly firing, Team Canada and that Tampa has more french stars players than Montreal.  Lots of rant from Mark today.
  • 5-hole:  Brandon Dubinsky says “I want to be a Ranger”.  If the Rangers did hold off on trading him as part of a potential Dany Heatley deal, then they likely intend to sign him, if they can get him for close to what they offered.
  • On the Forecheck:  Chelios to Nashville talk gathering steam?  Looks like the poor health of Chelios’s father has made him rule out the KHL and this could mean that Nashville will be able to sign the aging but still serviceable defenceman.
  • 18,568 Reasons Why:  The meaning of C.  Amazing that the Wild have never had a permanent captain
  • the Fifth Feather:  Remember the gloves.  Sticking with the Wild, did they make a mistake when unveiling the 3rd jersey, by not also creating a glove that compliments the jersey?
  • Snapshots:   Todd Bertuzzi’s happy to return to Red Wings’ fold.  He should add some grit to the team that I thought was lacking last season.
  • Heated Skates:  Luongo close to becoming a Canuck for life?  While it is still being reported that this deal isn’t complete, it makes total sense for both the Canucks and Luongo