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Nightly Hockey Hits

Hockey Hits: How the Hamilton Coyotes would impact NHL travel, Putin at Russian Pre-Olympic Camp, Andrew Ference tries to defuse the Paul Kelly situation, Why not allow exceptional juniors into AHL?

Should the rules allow exceptional juniors to play in the AHL, the Coyotes situation to be resolved very soon, a hypothetical look at how the Hamilton Coyotes would impact travel, Niklas Kronwall is now diagnosing head trauma’s, Ference tries to defuse the Paul Kelly situation, Russian President Putin was at the pre-Olympic camp, and much more.

Some news and notes from across the blogs:

  • The Hockey News:  Why not allow exceptional juniors into AHL.  Very good argument in favour of allowing them to play in the AHL.
  • From the Rink:  D-day nears in Coyote case.  Can you feel the tension in the air?  I, for one, will be happy when this situation is resolved (either way) and we can get on with watching hockey
  •  Someone at live blogged the Court proceedings.  If you ever tire of watching paint dry, try sitting through a day of exciting Court proceedings.
  • On the Forecheck:  How the Hamilton Coyotes would impact NHL travel.  No blogger is better at figuring out these types of facts than Dirk Some of the new back to back games in his hypothetical are downright scary.  Anaheim plays Vancouver on the West coast and then has to fly to Hamilton to play a game the next night.  While you couldn’t leave the Coyotes in the Pacific, it is bound to be interesting.
  • Nucks Misconduct:  Canucks sign a 12 year deal with Luongo.  Perhaps the Canucks are trying to get in a long term contract before Brian Burke, with the help of the NHL outlaws any contracts over 8 years.  I am glad to see the Canucks lock him up.
  • Black Dog Hates Skunk:  A look back at the career of longtime Oiler Jason Smith.  Talk about a gritty, hard nosed player.
  • Hockey in Minnesota:  Boogaard modeling at the Fair.  Still not sure how much I love these new Wild jerseys but know what I do love?  State Fair’s.
  • Snapshots:  Niklas Kronwall made an odd comment about fellow Red Wings defenseman Andreas Lilja’s progress in recovering from post-concussive headaches.  When he gets his M.D. then he could be making announcements, but until then, best to leave it to the Wings medical staff.
  • Blueshirt Banter:  Sounds like Marian Gaborik is healthy, and ready to go.  This is very good news for the Rangers, as they will need him to be healthy all season long if they hope to make an impact.
  • Sen Say:  What was the purpose of losing an entire season?  Have the NHL’s Board of Governers gone over the edge?
  • T.O. Sports:  Buying low, selling high at Maple Leafs training camp.  If Toronto players were a stock, how much would you pay for them?
  • The Bruins Blog:  Ference shoots down ‘misconceptions’ about firing.  The players are in major damage control and are hoping to get their side heard by the media.
  • Slap Shot:  Putin at Russian pre-Olympic camp.  Was he running around without a shirt on and shooting tigers?
  • NHL FanhouseRay Shero on his father, an icon.  Interesting interview.
  • Greatest Hockey Legends:  The most important day in hockey history.  A new book by Brian Conacher, who previously had represented Canada with the 1960’s Canadian national teamgu, has some amazing stories about hockey.