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Nightly Hockey Hits

Hockey Hits: Is Lundqvist worth the money, Is the stage set for the next labour war, Is Comrie soon to be an Oiler, again?

More questions than answers today from across the blogs. It appears that everyone is questioning the value of their goaltender. Is the stage set for the next labour war with the firing of Kelly and the resignation of Healy, Is Comrie (also known as 2nd most hated former Oiler) heading back to Edmonton. Statistical expecations of Avalanche rookie Matt Duchene and much, much more.

Some news and notes from across the blogs:

  • Canucks Army:  Is the stage set for the next labour war?  I sure hope it isn’t.  If the NHL & the players still haven’t learned their lessons from the last one, then I think it’s time to close the entire operation down permanently.
  • Cult of Hockey:  Comrie, done deal?  Quite interesting to watch as this rumour has developedWould the Oilers be willing to bring him back?
  • NHL Fanhouse:  Blue Jackets give new meaning to ‘Fantasy Hockey’.  The Blue Jackets seem to be a very cool organization and this would reiterate that.  
  • Mile High Hockey:  Statistical expectations for Matt Duchene.  Will be a bright spot for Avalanche fans this season.
  • The Sign Girls Weblog:  Phillipe Boucher announces retirement.  Solid player, nice that he went out on top.
  • Sens Chirp:  Are we quickly heading towards a resolution in the summer drama involving winger Dany Heatley?  Similar to the Phoenix situation, I think most people just want this to be over already.
  • T.O. Sports:  Maple Leafs raising stock: On The Defensive.  Which players would you buy and sell on this list?
  • New York Rangers Blog:  Is Lundqvist worth the money.  I would say he is as well.  If the Rangers could only give him a lead to work with and d-men to clear the puck, then he might actually be able to get things accomplished.
  • Ranger Rants:  Redden seeks return to old form.  It’s one thing to want to be better but can he physically still get the job done?
  • From the Rink:  What really happened between Balsillie and the Penguins?  Mirtle really does an amazing job of compiling all the info regarding Balsillie/Phoenix into quite an interesting story
  • Puck Daddy:  Beyond the wicked hyperbole of the Versus, DirecTV dispute.  I think most U.S. hockey fans are more concerned about actually getting to watch hockey games, rather than which provider is showing them