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Nightly Hockey Hits

Hockey Hits: Chiarelli carves out his position on Kessel, Alfredsson wants to hear Heatley’s side, Ray Emery talks some smack at the Islanders, Did Paul Kelly’s internal audit lead to his ouster?

Looks like Paul Kelly shouldn’t have been digging into past NHLPA actions as this might have led to his downfall. Ray Emery is kicking the Islanders when they are down. Should the NHLPA be fighting a Coyotes move? Bruins GM Chiarelli carves out his position on Kessel. And much, much more.

Some news and notes from the blogs:

  • Japers’ Rink:  Do the Caps need an enforcer?  Overwhelmingly it appears that Caps fans feel the team needs to add some muscle to look out for the team’s skill.
  • Lighthouse Hockey:  Ray Emery is talking some smack against the Islanders.  Bold wordsSeems like Emery is back and brashNotice he didn’t say anything about the Capitals or Bruins.
  • Off the Posts:  Alfie talks, everyone listens.  If you were Alfredsson, wouldn’t you want to try and smooth things over so you could have Heatley and his 40-50 goal potential playing on your squad.  A smart (and classy) move by the Senators captain.
  • The Bruins Blog:  Chiarelli carves out his position on Kessel.  Interesting little shot at Kessel’s agent.  Quite candid considering he wouldn’t discuss specifics.
  • the Pensblog:  Are you wondering what Ovechkin’s tatoo means?  Funny.
  • Faceoff Factor:  Gonchar, Letang contract talks are ongoing.  Letang looking for $4 million seems like a reach, but will (or should) Pens management lock him up?
  • Four Habs Fans:  Sexy Friday is doing Sin City with Sergei Fedorov, random chicks, and a guest poster.  I’ve got some good Vegas stories, but none like this….
  • Snapshots:  Nicklas Lidstrom says elbow tendinitis improving, may play a few more seasons for Red Wings.  For the Wings sake you gotta hope that he is going to have Chelios like lasting power.
  • Puck Rakers:  Third line rumblings.  Nice that the Jackets now have enough depth to be worried about 3rd and 4th line combinations.
  • NHL Fanhouse:  NHLPA should fight a potential Coyotes move, but will it?  I’m not so sure it would be in the best interest of the NHLPA to fight the move.  If the franchise moves, and let’s assume it starts making pretty decent money, then wouldn’t league revenues increase and the players would therefore be entitled to more money?  Plus they would also be entitled to a snazzy $6,000.00 bonus courtesy of the CBA.
  • Flamesnation:  The hollow men behind the coup.  Wow.  Very interesting what the internal audit ordered by Kelly turned up.  If accurate it would seem quite logical that this was the impetus behind his ouster.
  • Brodeur is a Fraud:  Rebound control.  Very important, undervalued stat.
  • Ms. Conduct:  Confessions of a fantasy draft addict.  I’m not so into fantasy sports but those who do, tend to love it and go all in.