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Nightly Hockey Hits

Hockey Hits: Are the Maple Leafs moving to acquire Kessel, NHL names its relocation fee, Do the Oilers have too many similar types of players?

Battle of the experts results in a pretty big discrepancy between Balsillie’s numbers guy and the NHL’s. Lots of rumblings about a possible Brian Burke play for Phil Kessel. A look at Sean Avery’s New York. Do the Oilers have too many players of a similar type? And much, much more.

Some news and notes from the Blogs:

General NHL:

  • From the Rink:  NHL names its relocation fee: $101-million to $195-million.  As should be expected anytime you get a ‘battle of the experts’ brewing, it appears the NHL numbers guru has gone close to 20 times what Balsillie’s analyst has estimated the relocation fee’s to be
  • Hockeydraft:  NHLPA’s recent activities raise plenty of questions.  They sure do.
  • Greatest Hockey Legends:  A look back at the week that was in the NHL.  Who has time for summer?  Even these lazy summer weeks are full of intrigue.
  • Ottawa Citizen:  Alcohol and the NHL.  Interesting article.

Eastern Conference:

  • The Bruins Blog:  Leafs move makes Kessel a possibility.  Brian Burke is still looking to make his first big cannonball splash and this could be that move.
  • Stanley Cup of Chowder:  More on the Kessel to Toronto possibility.  Still lots of speculation but nothing concrete yet.
  • T.O. Sports:  Is Brian Burke moving the Leafs in the right direction?  I think he has a vision and will likely be able to get it done.
  • Maple Leafs Hot Stove:  Would the Kessel to Toronto deal be worth it?  A good breakdown of what Brian Burke might be thinking.
  • Ottawa Citizen:  Heatley’s return looking likely.  That’s why I’m surprised Alfredsson bothered to say anything considering that he was more than likely returning.  Should be a very, very interesting Sens training camp.
  • The New York Rangers Blog:  Ever wonder what Sean Avery’s New York looked like?  Well wonder no longer.  I expected a lot more drinking martini’s while flipping through Cosmo’s.
  • In Lou We Trust:  Are the New Jersey Devils mini-packages for the 2009-10 season worth purchasing?  Wow.  Quite a breakdown of all the various packages offered.  I know for myself I went with the Marian Hossa 3 game mini-pack last season in Detroit and the games we got were pretty decent.  (Philly, San Jose & Phoenix).
  • Capitals Insider:  Finley moved to forward.  Unlike in baseball, guys in hockey don’t seem to switch position, once they have established themselves as one or the other.  But it appears he is about to get a taste of the forward life.
  • Alex Ovetjkin:  The week to be for Alexander Ovechkin.  Do you think he talks trash when playing NHL on the Wii?
  • Bolts Prospects:  Brian Lawton’s offseason report card.  Things are starting to look up for the Bolts.

Western Conference:

  • Nucks Misconduct:  Mathieu Schneider’s bonuses broken down.  Looks like they can be over the cap by up to seven and a half percent when paying out bonuses, and this will then be applied to next years cap.
  • The Fifth Feather:  Hawks and Leafs swap picks. 
  • Lowetide:  One man’s junk.  Perhaps its time to recycle some of the excess talent to other teams and bring it what the Oilers need more of.
  • Slam Sports:  isn’t Mike Comrie just an older version of Robbie Schremp?  If so, do you go with youth or age and experience?
  • Andrews Dallas Stars page:  Stars prospects to hit the ice in Traverse City.  I might have to travel through Traverse City on my way back to Lansing to catch some of these prospects.
  • Puck Rakers:  Put me in coach.  Some of the Blue Jackets will be playing baseball today.  Let’s hope he does better than this guy.