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Nightly Hockey Hits

Hockey Hits: Gustavsson monstrous for Leafs, the NHL’s next big problem, Flyers are in need of some Wingers and how long much longer must Oilers fans wait?

Looks like Jim Balsillie has offered to buy the city of Glendale out of the arena lease. The Monster was a beast in his opener for the Leafs, a look at some awkward training camp invitees, the NHL’s next big problem and a cartoon which best sums up the Coyotes situation. When is enough, enough when it comes to the Oilers? Sidney Crosby makes a special delivery. And much, more.

Some news and notes from across the blogs:

  • National Post:  Balsillie offers to buy city of Glendale out of arena lease.  Wow.  The City of Glendale must be salivating.  Bill Daly was his usual, verbose self when, in reply to a query about the NHL’s intention of raising it’s bid, he simply replied “no”.
  • The Bruins Blog:  Matt Kalman see’s the Leafs as the Bruins biggest threat to Northeast supremacy.  Interesting to see the Leafs striking fear into other teams.  I don’t think they will challenge the Bruins this season.
  • Maple Leafs Hot Stove:  Gustavsson monstrous in rookie Tournament opener.  Perhaps Matt is right to feel that the Leafs will be the B’s biggest competition if the Leafs can get these types of performances out of ‘the Monster’.
  • Broad Street Hockey:  Many wings could take flight for the Flyers this season.   Looks like Flyer fans feel that Daniel Briere should be moved from center to wing.
  • Eyes on the Prize:  Mike Cammalleri excited to be a Hab.  I, for one, am quite excited to see these new look Montreal Canadiens.
  • On Frozen Blog:  Scenes from the Caps rookie camp.  Cool pictures.
  • Empty Netters:  Crosby makes a special delivery.  Very cool promo by the Pens.  I wouldn’t mind have my season tickets hand devliered.
  • Wild View from Section 216:  Step 1 in the Wild rebuilding process was to get a new GM but did Minnesota make the right decision?  Just because someone isn’t a big name isn’t always such a bad thing.  Too many guys with established names think that because they’ve done something in the past, it will translate to success.  (I’m looking at you Glen Sather).
  • Black Dog Hates Skunks:  Oh, those Oilers.  It is difficult after years of success to get used to not winning every year.  (a feeling pretty much every team except the Red Wings has experienced).
  • Puck Daddy:  Your guide to awkward training camp invitees.  Quite the laundry list of players looking to get back into the NHL.  I’m most interested to see how Jason Allison does with the Leafs.
  • From the Rink:  The NHL’s next big problem.   Can someone explain to me how the Leafs are able to generate they type of revenue, yet they still cannot create a perennial powerhouse team that could challenge for the Stanley Cup
  • Fan Nation:  Sticking with the NHL’s current biggest problem, it appears that Jerry Moyes feels the NHL is stiffing him.  He is praying to anyone who will listen that Balsillie and his 200+ million win the bidding.
  • Puck Update:  NHL GM’s and their focus on 3rd & 4th lines. 
  • Greatest Hockey Legends:  Joe Pelletier gives us his taken on whether hitting should be allowed in Women’s hockey.  Very good argument that building the game is more important than allowing hitting.  Reality is that until the rest of the countries can give the U.S. and Canada a good match, there isn’t any point in introducing something that would give the Americans and Canadiens a further leg up.

Hats off to icethetics for this Coyotes themed cartoon: