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Blog Hits: In the words of the Beach Boys “I wish they all could be California girls”!

Some news and notes from the Blogs today:

  • LA Kings Hockey: The Kings recently held tryouts for the second edition of the Metal Ice Crew.  If you remember I covered the idea of cheerleading in hockey (May 24th – Do you have what it takes to be a Cheerleader and on July 2nd – Q & A with a member of the Hurricanes Storm Squad).  Its hard not to ‘appreciate’ these girls.  One complaint I make…I mean I hear, is that there are not enough hot girls at hockey games.  Looks like the Kings are trying to rectify this.
  • NHL Fanhouse:  NHL investigating Marian Hossa, Chris Pronger contracts.  Apparently Brian Burke is being heard in the NHL front office.  It appears that the manner in which they structured the last few years of the contract is the sticking point
  • T.O. Sports:  Who will captain the Leafs? Beauchemin, Kaberle, Schenn, good choices.  I say make Brian Burke the captain.  We know he won’t be afraid to say what he’s thinking.
  • Snapshots:  Red Wings expect to target forwards with NHL experience ‘in the next few days, probably’.  Good because they have holes that need to be filled.
  • From the Rink:  Battering Balsillie.  If you have any interest in the latest in the Phoenix situation, Mirtle has it covered.
  • Lowetide:  Steve Tambellini held a “Friday before the long weekend” press conference to talk about the soap opera that has become the Dany Heatley trade.  As Richard posted earlier it appears we can now put the Heatley drama to rest.  At least when it comes to him going to the Oilers.  Where he ends up next is still open to speculation.
  • Goon’s World:  No progress between Kessel and Bruins.  Appears that they just don’t have the cap space to sign him unless a trade gets done.