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Blog Hits: Signs that you may be getting hockey advice from a deranged homeless person

Some news and notes from the Blogs today:

  • Down Goes Brown:  Signs that you too may be getting hockey advice from a deranged homeless person.  Oh boy.  I use that breakaway move from NHL 94 all the time.  Funny article
  • Flamesnation:  How the homeless can help the Flames.  I wonder if these are the same homeless that the Mayor of New York is currently giving one way tickets out of the cityRecords indicate that Ranger Nikolai Zherdev was first to take advantage of this offer.
  • Faceoff Factor:  Are the Flyers more respectable than the Penguins?  Isn’t that the age old question?  It is a good thing that these rivals reside on opposite ends of the State.  This is an outdoor game that would be worth watching.
  • The Bruins Blog:  Possible drop-off predicted for Thomas.  Looks like the work of IC editor Richard and the rest of the guys over at Puck Prospectus is getting some regard.  Unfortunately for Bruins fans it appears that Tim Thomas projections aren’t favourable.
  • NHL Fanhouse:  Statistical analysis in hockey trails other sports, but progress is being made.  Interesting read.  As I said about the previous article it looks like the new, new thing is the use of the stats the boys at Puck Prospectus have developed.
  • Canucks Army:  Jersey advertising coming to the NHL?  It’s one thing to have it on practice jerseys but an entirely different animal on game jerseys.  Is this soccer?  While I think European jerseys are kinda cool, I’d be totally against the idea in the NHL.
  • Raw Charge:  Filling the news void, one unsourced falsehood at a time.  Well written piece about the dangers of rumours and believing everything you read.
  • Second City Hockey:  Is this the best Hawks team in recent memory?  Good question.  Will be able to answer it one year from now.  Do they need to win the Cup (something the 91′ Hawks didn’t do) in order to be considered the best?
  • Broad Street Hockey:  Ole-Kristien Tollefsen officially a Flyer.  If he can stay healthy, he should be a good addition for Philly.
  • Defending Big D:  Long-time Dallas Stars defenseman Sergei Zubov moves on to KHL.  Question mark as to his health.  Reality is he is long past his prime.
  • Winging it in Mowtown:  Evaluating Hossa’s stay in Motown.  Looks like Detroit fans are giving him a B, which considering his absence during the Playoffs, is pretty generous of them.  I thought he was a beast when I watched him play and he should be a help for the Hawks.
  • Lions in Winter:  Language and hockey, the joy of watching the Canadiens games in French.  While I understand his sentiment my french is woeful and I wouldn’t understand anything.
  • mc79hockey:  Its not collusion.  Exactly.  The economy is what is dictating the pace, not some sort of cabal of GMs.
  • T.O. Sports:  Northeast Division review.  Worth checking out if just for the pictures…..