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Blog Hits: As Happy Gilmore says “Don’t you like your home”?

Some news and notes from the Blogs today:

  • The Hockey News:  Something not right about Phoenix taking its show on the road.  I agree.  I hate the idea of teams playing their home games somewhere other than in their home rinks.  Either you have a home or you don’t.  Just ask Happy Gilmore:
  • T.O. Sports:  Wake up with Sports Trophy wives.  Amazing how Janet Gretzky still makes the list.  Perhaps it has something to do with her decked out in hockey gear. Of course I still remember her from her Police Academy days.
  • Nucks Misconduct:  Another Piece Of Canucks History -The Harry Neale Suspension in 1982.  Now I don’t really remember this too clearly but aside from 94′ this was one of the most important years in Canucks history.
  • Habs Eyes on the Prize:  Debunking the Canadiens French territorial players rights myth.  Terrific read.
  • Puck Daddy:  Discouraging news rolls in on creating new hockey fans.  Interesting considering how much cheaper it is to play roller hockey, than ice, that the former is on the decline with the latter increasing in popularity.
  • Psycho Lady Hockey: D-Listers and the hockey players who wear them.  Good thing this article was written by a woman or else there would be big troubleBut who doesn’t love a good puck bunny.
  • On Frozen Blog:  Some summer school good news on campus.  Always nice to see a program get saved and revitalized.  I can’t believe that it is almost time to get the college hockey season underway.
  • Faceoff Factor:  Exclusive interview with Joey Haddad.  Good interview with a prospect in the Pens organization.