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Blog Hits

Blog Hits: San Jose’s first game against Edmonton (Fri Nov 27, 2009) & Ottawa (Tue Dec 1, 2009). Which is more exciting?

Some news and notes from the Blogs today:

  • Battle of California:  Heatley or No Heatley.  As Bill Shakespeare said, that is the question.  It would appear that this is his final destination.
  • Silver Seven:  Heatley’s final suitor.  Sens blog reacts to the prospect of packing Heatley off to the West coast.
  • Cult of Hockey:  The Heatley Plot Unthickens . . .Oh the drama.  San Jose is probably the best spot for him
  • SenSay:  The new deal.  Speculation is that this Heatley deal is now requiring a third team.  Interesting.
  • Winging it in Mowtown:  Evaluating Chris Chelios stay in Mowtown.  I still think he has something in the tank.   Watching him play forward this season was good times.  He could probably help a team with some young defence needing mentoring.
  • Puck Daddy:  Will he stay or will he go?  Kovalchuk’s future in Atlanta.  Rare to see loyalty in professional sports anymore.  Would be nice to see the Thrashers management build a winner and Kovalchuk is certainly a player that you can build a winner around.
  • Canucks Army:  The Vancouver Canucks have already had a few departures from last year’s club, mostly through free agency.  Hopefully won’t hurt the Moose’s chances to get back to the AHL championship.
  • Lowetide:  Penner for Zherdev?  Can’t see this happening.  But it’s up for discussion.
  • Oilersnation:  How do you solve a problem like Cogliano?  Who knew the Oil have so many problems.
  • Bringing Back the Glory:  The myth of a third line center.  Interesting idea.  I too find myself still thinking in terms from over a decade ago.  Comes with age.
  • Empty Netters:  Penguins fan crashed Penguins’ Cup party.  Amazing story.  A buddy of mine did this once.  Except it was during the Grey Cup in Winnipeg.  Not quite the same as crashing the Stanley Cup