Entry Draft Review: 1st Rounders from the Past 20 Years

Now that the 2009 NHL Entry Draft is weeks away, it’s time to look back at previous drafts and see what mistakes were made.  Below I have provided each #1 pick of the past 20 years, along with some brief thoughts.  Let’s step into the DeLorean and visit good old 1989.  If only I had […]

Posted by Neil in Columns,The HD Corner on June 8, 2009

Stanley Cup Preview: Part Deux

Well, here we are again.  Detroit against Pittsburgh in a battle for hockey supremacy.  Over the coming days you will be bombarded with how these two teams fare against each other in a variety of categories.  Fleury vs. Osgood.  Crosby vs. Hossa.  Malkin vs. Datsyuk.  What you won’t see is how these teams (and respective […]

Posted by Neil in Columns,The HD Corner on May 29, 2009

Conn Smythe Candidates & Other Playoff Awards

As round 3 is well underway, let’s examine some of the Conn Smythe Candidates, plus some other unconventional award recipients. Conn Smythe Trophy: Pittsburgh Candidates Sidney Crosby Key stats: 13 goals, 24 points Currently one point behind NHL leader Malkin, Sid the Kid has been a dominant force in the 2009 postseason.  His clutch performance […]

Posted by Neil in Columns,The HD Corner on May 22, 2009

2nd Round Media Review

Round two is officially in the books as one of the most unforgettable rounds of recent Stanley Cup Playoff history.  Let’s now take some time to evaluate some of the more memorable events that transpired over the past few weeks from a media perspective, with an early edition of the HD Corner. U.S. Exposure The […]

Posted by Neil in Columns,The HD Corner on May 15, 2009

Hockey Jargon

Be sure to follow @illegalcurve on Twitter. This past week I was lucky enough to receive a request from loyal Illegal Curve reader “Hbomb” to come up with a Hockey Slang Dictionary – jargon that is present during everyday hockey broadcasts.  I’m not sure if it had something to do with the Bud Light “Hbomb” was […]

Posted by Neil in Columns,The HD Corner on May 11, 2009

Top First Round Upsets

The Presidents Trophy winning Sharks being ousted by the underdog Ducks in the first round should come as no surprise, given the abundance of first round upsets in the past.  It’s now time to take a trip down memory lane and re-visit some of the most memorable first round upsets since 2000, in chronological order. […]

Posted by Neil in Columns,The HD Corner on May 4, 2009

Top Media Related Playoff Storylines

Unless you have been living under a rock, you are sure to be aware that the first round of the playoffs is well underway.  That being said, I would like to provide our readers with a few media related storylines that have been mentioned briefly, but warrant a little extra exposure.  An no, this does […]

Posted by Neil in Columns,The HD Corner on April 20, 2009

Top 10 Hockey Fighters

Despite the recent debate over whether or not fighting should be banned from the NHL, there is no argument that the following 10 players provided some serious entertainment at some point during their careers.  This list has been limited to players from the 80s and beyond, starting when I grew up watching our favourite sport. […]

Posted by Neil in Columns,The HD Corner on April 6, 2009