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The HD Corner: Top 20 Playoff Goals

Remember those lame clip shows of The Simpsons that used to air, when it was overtly obvious that the writers had no ideas and were being lazy, so they instead just decided to piece together various highlights?  Well, consider this the HD Corner Clip Show.

Leading up the playoffs, here are video clips of my Top 20 Playoff Goals.  Keep in mind these goals are based on their impact and place in hockey history, not so much based on their visual appeal.

(20) Dougie Gilmour vs. St. Louis, 1993Love Gilmour, still hate the Leafs.

(19) Steve Yzerman vs. St. Louis, 1996If Fuhr wasn’t hurt, this shot might have been saved.

(18) Theo Fleury vs. Edmonton, 1991Most famous celebration?

(17) Wayne Gretzky vs. Toronto, 1993Could have been a Toronto-Montreal final if not for Wayne.

(16) Uwe Krupp vs. Florida, 1996Beezer should have had that one.

(15) Todd Marchant vs. Dallas, 1997Bob Cole’s call is legendary.

(14) Darren McCarty vs. Philadelphia, 1997Niinimaa still looking for his jock.

(13) Brett Hull vs. Buffalo, 1999Most controvsial NHL goal of all-time.  Still don’t think this goal should have counted.

(12) Keith Primeau vs. Pittsburgh, 2000The latest I’ve ever been up on a school night.

(11) Petr Nedved vs. Washington, 1996Nedved’s claim to fame.

(10) Peter Klima vs. Boston, 1990.  No clip available

(9) Wayne Gretzky vs. Calgary, 1988.  Game 7 winner.

(8) Pat LaFontaine vs. Washington, 1987Prior to Kelly Hrudey’s bandana days.

(7) Stephane Matteau vs. New Jersey, 1994En route to the Rangers’ first cup since 1940.

(6) Steve Smith vs. Edmonton, 1986Flames go on to Cup finals against the Habs.

(5) Lanny McDonald vs. Montreal, 1989Gilmour had the winner, but this is the goal that clinched it.

(4) Guy LaFleur vs. Boston, 1979Cherry’s too many men goal.

(3) Bobby Nystrom vs. Philadelphia, 1980The makings of a dynasty.

(2) Bobby Baun vs. Detroit, 1964Scored on a broken leg.

(1) Bobby Orr vs. St. Louis, 1970The ultimate goal from the ultimate player.

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