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Top 10 Hockey Fighters

Despite the recent debate over whether or not fighting should be banned from the NHL, there is no argument that the following 10 players provided some serious entertainment at some point during their careers.  This list has been limited to players from the 80s and beyond, starting when I grew up watching our favourite sport.

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(10)  Jeff Odgers, 2364 PIMS.  The only attraction for Thrasher fans during the expansion era.

(9)  Tony Twist, 1121 PIMS.  The Twister was someone you did not want to miss with.  Ignore the background Slayer music of the clip.

(8)  Tim Hunter, 3146 PIMS.  Best shnozz in the business.  Here’s another funny Hunter clip.

(7)  John Kordic, 997 PIMS.  The late Kordic was one crazy S.O.B.

(6)  Stu Grimson, 2113 PIMS.  The Grim Reaper was crazy on the ice, and one of the funnier and nicer guys off it.

(5)  Rob Ray, 3207 PIMS.  Now working between the benches on Buffalo MSG telecasts, Ray will be a Sabre for life.

(4)  Marty McSorley, 3381 PIMS.  McSorley ranks up there simply because he wasn’t actually that bad of a player.

(3) Dave Semenko, 1175 PIMS. Wayne’s right hand man.

(2)  Tie Domi, 3515 PIMS.  Lucky for us, the length of his TSN broadcasting career was only a fraction of his NHL career.

(1)  Bob Probert, 3300 PIMS.  The Champ in the mid-90s.

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