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Yom Kippur Day Off

It is the holiest day in the Jewish calendar so we will be taking the day off. Regular Jets news returns on Thursday.

With it being the Jewish Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), IC is taking the day off to try and make up for all the things we’ve done during the course of the past year.  So there won’t be a Morning Papers today although Tuesday’s Papers are up to date as of last night (Note:  There hasn’t been any new articles since).
Day Off

We will be back in action, bright and early though on Thursday, September 27th with all the latest Jets news.

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Begin your morning with all the latest Winnipeg Jets news, notes, video and audio.

Be sure to get the full 411 from the Jets 5-0 win over the Avs to kick off four games in Winnipeg.

If you couldn't join us live on the Illegal Curve Post-Game Show following the Jets 5-0 win over the Avs, fear not!

You can still hear from @ICdrew, @ICEzzyG & @ICdave by downloading the podcast or watching the replay.

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