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Winnipeg Jets

Live Blog: Winnipeg Jets Skills Competition


8:29 – The skills competition is over, Team White winning over Blue 25-11, scroll down to re-live the live blog.

8:19 – Hardest Shot Competition – each player will get three shots on goal

Shots are recorded in MPH

Team White:

Mark Flood – 85, 91, 88
Tim Stapleton – 96, 94, 92
Eric Fehr – 93, 92, No Reading
Chris Thorburn – 95, 98, 97

Team Blue:

Jason Jaffray – 92, 94, 94
Blake Wheeler – 93, 95, 94
Andrew Ladd – 87, 89, 90
Dustin Byfuglien – 103, 101, 104

8:15 – Team White is winning 25-6 going into the last event, hardest shot.

Ezra Ginsburg has now engaged in a twitter war with Gary Lawless, go over to either of their twitter accounts to follow along. @ICEzzyG & @GaryLawless

We can all agree that the Illegal Curve Sandwich is much better than the Hustler & Lawless

8:11 – Puck Control Relay – Head to Head – The score right now stands at 22-6 for Team White

Evander Kane vs. Alexander Burmistrov

Winner: Evander Kane

8:10 – Puck Control Relay

Heat 2

Team White: Little, Flood, Thorburn –

Team Blue: Jaffray, Antropov, Byfuglien – Winners

8:07 – Puck Control Relay

Heat 1:

Team White: Stuart, Stapleton Wellwood – Winners

Team Blue: McArdle, Oduya, Ladd

8:06 – In an interview with Dennis Beyak, Dustin Byfuglien says Tim Stapleton will give him the biggest challenge in the hardest shot competition.

8:00 – Team White is ahead 21-5 over Team Blue. There could be some friendly wagering between the players. As it takes a bit of time setting up each event, MC’s Dennis Beyak and Brian Munz make some friendly banter with the players.

True North employees are setting up the next event, puck control relay.

7:50 – Next event is Accuracy Shooting, time and accuracy does matter

Wellwood shooting accuracy

Team White:

Player – Targets Hit/Shots – Time

Kyle Wellwood – 4/4 – 9.38
Tim Stapleton – 4/5 – 10.56
Evander Kane – 4 for too many, it took him about 25 seconds to shoot, they ran out of pucks

Team Blue

Dustin Byfuglien – 4/7 – 16.78
Blake Wheeler – 4/5 – 13.97
Nik Antropov – 4/6 – 13.69

7:48 – Johnny Oduya has shaved his beard into an awesome Hulk Hogan style moustache

7:47 – A bit of downtime between each event, fan services reps hand out prizes, MC’s Dennis Beyak & Brian Munz are interviewing the players who are practicing flipping the pucks up with their sticks.

7:45 – The 50/50 draw is now at $8,785, last call hockey fans! (sorry that is total sales)

7:45 – The fastest skater is over, Team White is ahead of Team Blue 16-5

7:35 – The Fastest Skater has begun

Fastest Skater 001

Team Blue

Burmistrov – 14.27
Glass – 14.92
McArdle – 14.71
Oduya – 14.24

Team White

Kane – 14.57 (1st run)
Stapleton – 14.06
Little – 14.77
Kulda – 14.51

Players from the bench threw water bottles at Evander Kane’s first run and he got to go a second time. He skated a 14.06, but still had water bottles thrown at him by his teammates.

7:32 – The breakaway relay is over, the event had to go into extra shooters as the white team defeated the blue team.

Breakaway competition

Burmistrov pulls a move:
Breakaway Competition 002

White Shooters:

Stuart 0/1
Kane 0/2
Wellwood 0/2
Stapleton 0/2
Little 1/2
Thorburn 2/2
Flood 0/2
Kulda 1/1
Fehr 2/2

Goalie: Pavelec 11 saves

Blue Shooters:

Burmistrov 2/2
Glass 0/1
Ladd 0/2
McArdle 0/1
Wheeler 1/2
Oduya 0/2
Byfuglien 0/2
Jaffray 1/2
Antropov 1/2

6:00 PM – The Winnipeg Jets Skills competition is set to begin at 7:00pm at the MTS Centre.

Remis, Dave and Ezra are live from the press box with up to the minute updates on each competition.

The teams will compete in breakaway relay, accuracy, puck control relay, fastest skater, and hardest shot.

Each player is assigned to an event, all players will compete in the breakaway relay. (Please note, due to injuries, Zach Bogosian and Jim Slater will not compete)

Here are the rosters

Team WhiteTeam Blue
Mark StuartAlex Burmistrov
Evander KaneTanner Glass
Kyle WellwoodAndrew Ladd
Tim StapletonKenndal McArdle
Bryan LittleBlake Wheeler
Chris ThorburnJohnny Oduya
Mark FloodDustin Byfuglien
Arturs KuldaJason Jaffray
Eric FehrNik Antropov
Ondrej PavelecChris Mason


Accuracy Competition:

Team WhiteTeam Blue
Kyle WellwoodDustin Byfuglien
Tim StapletonBlake Wheeler
Evander KaneNik Antropov


Remis: Tim Stapleton
Ezra: Nik Antropov
Dave: Blake Wheeler
Rick Ralph: Kyle Wellwood
Darrin Bauming: Evander Kane


Puck Relay Competition

Team WhiteTeam Blue
Heat 1:
Mark StuartKenndal McArdle
Tim StapletonJohnny Oduya
Kyle WellwoodAndrew Ladd
Heat 2:
Bryan LittleJason Jaffray
Mark FloodNik Antropov
Chris ThorburnDustin Byfuglien
Head to Head:
Evander KaneAlex Burmistrov


Predictions (head to head only):

Remis: Alex Burmistrov
Ezra: Alex Burmistrov
Dave: Alex Burmistrov
Rick Ralph: Alex Burmistrov
Darrin Bauming: Alex Burmistrov

Fastest Skater

Team WhiteTeam Blue
Evander KaneAlex Burmistrov
Tim StapletonTanner Glass
Bryan LittleKenndal McArdle
Arturs KuldaJohnny Oduya



Remis: Evander Kane
Ezra: Kenndal McArdle
Dave: Evander Kane
Rick Ralph: Alex Burmistrov
Darrin Bauming: Alex Burmistrov

Hardest Shot

Team WhiteTeam Blue
Mark FloodDustin Byfuglien
Tim StapletonBlake Wheeler
Eric FehrAndrew Ladd
Chris ThorburnJason Jaffray



Remis: Mark Flood
Ezra: Dustin Byfuglien
Dave: Dustin Byfuglien
Rick Ralph: Eric Fehr
Darrin Bauming: Dustin Byfuglien