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Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg Jets set to draft 14th overall at the 2022 NHL Draft

Jets draft position is set.

Coming into tonight’s Draft Lottery the Jets chances were as follows:

4th overall: 3.2 percent
14th overall: 94.8 percent
15th overall: 2.1 percent

This will be the first time the Jets have ever drafted 14th overall.

Draft positions:

2011 – 7th
2012 – 9th
2013 – 13th
2014 – 9th
2015 – 17th & 25th
2016 – 2nd
2017 – 24th
2018 – No pick
2019 – 20th
2020 – 10th
2021 – 18th (technically 17th since Coyotes lost their 1st rounder).

Winnipeg currently have seven picks for this draft including a 1st, 2nd x 2, 3rd, 4th and a 7th. Worth noting that 2nd could become a 1st if the Rangers comeback in their series with the Penguins. And the other 2nd the Jets have the option to take it or the Rangers 2023 2nd.

Now if you are like us and haven’t spent one second looking at the prospective draft picks for the 2022 draft check out these previews:


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The draft will be July 7-8 in Montreal and of course you should ensure you are keeping it locked here as we keep the Jets angle covered as well as on the Illegal Curve Hockey Show via our YouTube channel.