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Winnipeg Jets Season Tickets begin to arrive

The Jets season tickets arrive in style and we want to hear from you. What do you think of the Jets season tickets? What about the packaging? Do they meet your expectations? How do you feel about the tiered pricing? Sound off in the comments.

The buzz began Friday on Facebook and twitter. People started posting pictures and commenting that the Jets regular season tickets had finally begun to arrive.  When I went to check the mail, lo and behold there was a note from Canada Post telling me the package had arrived.

Hurrying down to the Postal outlet, I picked up my package and was informed by the postal employee that they had received 46 packages on Friday and only 4 remained by Saturday.

Once I got home, I cut away the box to reveal…another box, although admittedly one that was much nicer in appearance.
Jets Season Tickets Part 2 001a

When opened it looked like this.
Jets Season Tickets 004a

Exploring further I found ticket sleeves and a booklet which contained all the tickets:
Jets Season Tickets 006a

I cracked open the booklet to check out the regular season tickets and specifically the game everyone is most excited about, the home opener against the Montreal Canadiens.
Jets Season Tickets 008a

But then I found the ticket that would truly have any Jets fan salivating.  No it wasn’t the Ducks game celebrating the return of Teemu Selanne to Winnipeg or the contest between the Jets 2.0 and the Jets 1.0 (Coyotes).  Instead it was a game that many a Winnipeg Jet fan has dreamed about since the glory days of the AVCO Cup.
Jets Season Tickets Part 2 002a

Of course we know it’s “too soon” for the above picture, but with the return of the Winnipeg Jets to the Province of Manitoba, fans can afford to set their next goals for this team a little higher.

One other interesting note was the tiered pricing.  Not surprisingly they fell into the following three categories;

Highest Tier:  Canadiens (x2), Penguins (x2), Capitals (x3), Ducks, Leafs (x2), Lightning.

Mid Tier: Hurricanes (x2), Rangers (x2), Lightning (x2), Flyers (x2), Senators, Coyotes, Devils (x 2), Bruins (x 2), Kings, Sharks, Panthers, Blues, Oilers,

Lowest Tier: Panthers (x2), Wild, Islanders (x2), Sabres (x2), Avalanche, Stars, Hurricanes, Senators.

The only real surprise to me were the Sabres being in the lowest tier.

We want to hear from you.  What do you think of the Jets season tickets?  What about the packaging?  Do they meet your expectations?  How do you feel about the tiered pricing?  Sound off in the comments.