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Winnipeg Jets Sami Niku sustains lower-body injury before game vs Capitals

Niku out with a lower-body injury.

Sami Niku on the blueline

Defenceman Sami Niku was set to get back into the lineup for the first time since February 17th as the Jets got ready to take on the Capitals with the news that Josh Morrissey remained day-to-day.  But what would this season be like without an injury to a defenceman!

Ahead of pre-game warm up in Washington the team PR account announced that “Sami Niku will not play in tonight’s game due to a lower body injury sustained prior to pre-game warm up.”.

Would have to think this was during the soccer players play to get warmed up ahead of warm up.  We will have to wait for an update from Jets coach Paul Maurice, if he has one, post-game.

Post-game update:

Coach Maurice indicated “It wasn’t the football.  That’s all I’ll admit to.  There was no football being played.  Ya he got hurt and couldn’t go.  We’ll get it looked at tomorrow when we get back.”  When asked about the nature of the injury he added “I know exactly what it is.  Lower-body is what I’ll give ya.  But I won’t know the extent of it until we get it looked at tomorrow.  But there was no 50-50 on that one.  He couldn’t play.”