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Winnipeg Jets Morning Papers

Winnipeg Jets Morning Papers (Wednesday, Oct. 26th)

Jets on mountain collision course. ‘Little’ sums up top line. Canadian air force flies Jets logo abroad. Struggling Jets hit the road. No quick fix for Jets. Jets not intimidated by road. Playoff prospects – woe Canada. As well as Flyers news.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Jets on mountain collision courseIf the Jets truly can be a playoff team, as they keep suggesting that can be, then they need to be able to win against quality opposition and on this road trip all opponents are .500 or better.

Winnipeg Free Press:  ‘Little’ sums up top lineWhile coach Noel might not be too concerned with the Jets top line, the fans are quite worried about the lack of production.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Canadian air force flies Jets logo abroadProud Peggers’ and Jets fans can be found anywhere, they are not just limited to being within the perimeter.  Our Canadian Forces show off their Jets pride from Kandahar, Alert Bay and Italy.
Canadian Forces

Globe and Mail:  Struggling Jets hit the roadCoach Noel isn’t about to start yelling and screaming because people expect him to start yelling and screaming.  He has his coaching philosophy and you can expect him to continue to follow it for a little while longer.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Jets short snappersCovering Slater, visors, Flyers sans Pronger and the Jets penalty troubles.

Winnipeg Sun:  No quick fix for Jets It is way too early to start talking about blowing up this team.  Can these guys compete hard every night and have a chance to win some games, sure.  Should people be expecting a Stanley Cup parade, we don’t think so.

Winnipeg Sun:  Jets not intimidated by roadThe majority of our readers think the Jets will finish this road trip with 3 wins and 4 losses.  You can vote in the poll and let us know how you think the Jets will do on the road.

Ottawa Citizen:  Playoff prospects – woe CanadaHaving a bad October is usually an indicator that the rest of the season isn’t going to get much better and that the playoffs might be already gone.  Not quite ready to throw in the towel but this start certainly isn’t a good one for the Jets and most of the other Canadian teams.

Jets next opponent news –  Philadelphia Flyers:

Philadelphia Daily News:  With Chris Pronger out, Matt Walker and Andreas Lilja get a chance to step up for the Flyers.   Good news for the Jets is that in addition to not having to face Pronger, the Flyers are playing tonight in Montreal so they may be a tad fatigued when facing Winnipeg.