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Winnipeg Sun:  Winnipeg charms Jets.  The more I hear from the guys on the team, the more impressed I am with these Winnipeg Jets.  Consider me charmed.

Sun: What are your first impressions of Winnipeg weather?

Klingberg: Great. Better than Sweden. A lot better. It’s hot, now. I have no idea how it’s going to be in the winter. But it’s great so far.


TSN:  Winnipeg Jets Regional Broadcast.  Here is a link to the TSN Jets specific page that was put up a few days ago.  We were asked whether the channel would be picked up by SHAW or MTS and when I spoke with a SHAW rep. she indicated that as long as you had TSN 2 you would be covered for all the TSN Jets games.  However on this link it says that currently the only provider is Bell and also indicates the following(bolding by me):

As part of the agreement, TSN will broadcast more than 60 regional regular season and pre-season games each season to fans in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and parts of Northwestern Ontario on the new specialty channel “TSN Jets” – a part-time television service dedicated to Jets games and launching September 20.

Additionally in the initial TSN release about the news they essentially said the opposite of what I was told by the SHAW rep.

TSN is in discussions with television service providers in the broadcast region with the hope of ensuring the broadest possible distribution of Jets games.

So while we expect both MTS and SHAW will have these games when it comes time to start watching the Jets in the near future, it would appear as of this moment, neither of these two have the Jets new specialty channel.

Holland Sentinel:  Q & A with Joey Kocur.  Just a quick mention of the fight that Kocur had with Jets tough guy Jim Kyte. Here is the video of that brawl which left Kyte with a very sore head.

In Other News:

Assiniboia Downs:  Sept 3, Race 4 last night (Marathon Series).  As I mentioned yesterday, we had our horse Wagels running at the Downs last night.  It was a long race (mile and a 1/2) on a muddy track but it proved to be no problem for him as he led wire to wire.  Click on the link and watch the replay.  Well worth it if you enjoy horse racing.

After the jump we have Tim Thomas getting the Stanley Cup for a 2nd day, Eric Belanger (the guy everyone in Wpg loves) aims for a job with the Oilers, and a major issue for the NHL’s next CBA.

Around the NHL:

ESPN:  Thomas brings Cup to his other hometown.  Nice that he got a 2nd day with the Cup to head on down to Vermont.

Edmonton Journal:  Journeyman Belanger aims for a job with the Oilers.  Luckily for him the Oilers only face the Jets once this season at home (February 27th), so he is likely hopeful that Peggers’ will forget his comments when he was a member of the Coyotes last season.  Of course, we don’t forget anything, no matter how innocuous his comments were.

National Post:  Salary-cap floor a major issue for NHL’s next CBA.  Unfortunately the CBA always terminates on this kid’s birthday, so sometimes, when their is labour strife, it is a bittersweet day.