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Week in Review

Jets Week in Review

Taking a look back at the week that was and catching you up on all the Jets news.  Remember that we are always happy to have your input so feel free to share your week in review thoughts.


Dave and Ezzy’s Top 10 Winnipeg Jets Away GamesWe had so much fun picking out our Top 10 Jets home games, we did the same for the Jets away games.
Trip to Game 6 in Cgy 024 

Jets need to improve at home and on roadRich sets up his Thursday column by taking a look at some of the numbers for the Jets and their need to improve at home and on the road.

Staying on top of the latest Winnipeg Jets newsJust a refresher to our readers on how to keep up-to-date with the latest Jets news brought to you by Illegal


Prospect Pulse – Prospect Tourny’s.  Kyle, our prospects expert, explains the value that these tournaments provide in terms of allowing the Jets to evaluate their talent.

Winnipeg Jets Season Tickets delivery methodA number of our readers (who are also season ticket holders) were concerned with the means in which they will receive their Jets season tickets.  

The rest of the Jets week on Illegal Curve after the jump.transtrans


Winnipeg Jets announce Broadcast agreement with TSN.   Remis was down at the MTS Centre and has the audio of the press conference of this big announcement.

Meet the Winnipeg Jets Broadcast TeamRemis conducts some 1 on 1 interviews with the new voices of the Winnipeg Jets.


Is there a correlation between home attendance and home performance? Rich asks the question all Jets fans want to know the answer to; can they impact the games with their presence?


Selecting a “major Canadian concert act” for the Jets weekend party.  After the uproar caused by the mere mention of Nickleback, Remis takes a look at some other possibilities for the Jets party weekend.

Hope everyone is enjoying the September long weekend.  Looking forward to another exciting week of Jets news starting tomorrow with Morning papers.