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Jets news: Andrew Ladd decides not to join KHL club in Siberia. Jets brass still flying. Now it really hits home. Andrew Ladd signs with Avangard Minsk of KHL. Pasquale’s stock on rise in Jets system. Pasquale wants taste of big league, too. Jaffray making full recovery with IceCaps. Burmistrov turning heads with IceCaps.

CBA news: Players awash in rainy-day funds. Owners would do well to listen to players. Fans have clout in lockout — but will they use it?

NHL news: Marlies coach responds to Cherry blast. 20 years since Manon Rhéaume made hockey history.

Jets news:

Winnipeg Free Press:  Andrew Ladd decides not to join KHL club in SiberiaTurns out his wife is pregnant and he will not be heading to the KHL after all.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Jets brass still flyingThe coaching staff and scouts are certainly not locked out and they need to continue to work to develop this team, sans players, so once the season starts they will have a good idea how all these moving parts fit together.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Now it really hits home Unfortunately the weather is about to turn in Winnipeg and along with that cold gust of wind comes this reality, which likely means the cancellation of the start of the season is imminent.

Globe and Mail:  Andrew Ladd signs with Avangard Minsk of KHLAs first reported by TSN Radio 1290’s Rick Ralph late last night, Andrew Ladd is the 2nd Canadian (first was also a member of the Jets, Evander Kane) off to the KHL.
Andrew Ladd Hardest shot

Winnipeg Sun:  Pasquale’s stock on rise in Jets systemHe had an impressive season with the IceCaps last year and coach Keith McCambridge seems high on his tender.

Winnipeg Sun:  Pasquale wants taste of big league, tooIt is good for the guys down on the farm to get a taste of life in the bigs to help them continue to strive to achieve their goal of one day making the NHL.

Winnipeg Sun:  Jaffray making full recovery with IceCapsHaving had 2 serious injuries in the last few years you have to pull for the hard working Jaffray.

Winnipeg Sun:  Burmistrov turning heads with IceCapsAs I said last week, he looked very good on the ice and hopefully for the Jets young gun, he will continue to improve under the coaching of the IceCaps staff.

CBA news:

Globe and Mail:  Players awash in rainy-day fundsSimply put the players, it appears, won’t be in the same sort of cash crunch they encountered back in 2004-05.  Without this desperation, they might be able to maintain their position longer than previously expected, and that does not bode well for short term resolution of the lockout.

Globe and Mail:  Owners would do well to listen to playersIt is difficult to tell a billionaire how to run their business but most billionaires didn’t get to be in that position without listening to many different ideas/opinions and then ultimately doing what they think is best.  Perhaps it is time for the owners to give the players proposal another review.

Montreal Gazette:  Fans have clout in lockout — but will they use it?  It is hard for fans to boycott when the team has you locked in a contract for the next 2-4 years, as is the case in Winnipeg.   The biggest problem for fans is finding one single source to become their voice.  Instead there are tens of thousands of different voices that need to become unified.

Cherry Hill Courier Post:  Bobby Ryan spends spare time with FlyersRyan made some very interesting comments during the interview including; “I think it’s important to stay here (in the United States) and be part of the solution and not just run from it”.

NHL news:

Toronto Sun:  Marlies coach responds to Cherry blastWithout his usual forum for expression, the man who puts the coach in coaches corner, took to twitter to share his thoughts on the Leafs handling of prospect Nazem Kadri, and Marlies coach Dallas Eakins responded.

Montreal Gazette:  20 years since Manon Rhéaume made hockey historyWho can forget the impact that she had and the waves her playing in the NHL causedShe became a hero to women everywhere who wanted to be treated as equals.

CFL Report:

Illegal Procedure: Winnipeg Blue Bombers Papers. If you are a fan of CFL football, check out our other site, which gives you all the latest Bombers news.  Still a few games to go and will we see a turnaround before it ends?

The Jets and Moose are both scheduled to practice on Wednesday.

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If you couldn't join @ICdrew, @ICEzzyG and @ICdave live on the Illegal Curve Post-Game Show following the Jets win, fear not as you can watch the replay or download the podcast.

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