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Jets news: Jets still need to discuss DUI conviction with Pavelec – GM. Day 19. Truth, lies and statistics. Meech staying sharp with IceCaps. Kane makes KHL debut in Belarus. U of M educators study NHL impasse from differing perspective.

CBA news: Don’t expect a mutiny in the NHLPA. Just killing time in no man’s land. Lockout puts NHL Winter Classic at Michigan Stadium at risk. NHL talks go nowhere; season likely won’t start on time. No Progress In Labor Talks.

NHL news: ESPN: Been here, done that.

Jets news:

Winnipeg Sun:  IceCaps ready for games.  Ken took the long flight to the East coast to check out the Jets farm team.  Lots of news and notes from camp.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Jets still need to discuss DUI conviction with Pavelec – GM.  Based on the way Pavelec is playing in the KHL he might welcome the opportunity to pop into Winnipeg to discuss things with the Jets.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Day 19.  Catch up with some of your favourite Jets from around the KHL as well as news about other local players who have chosen to play over in Europe.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Truth, lies and statisticsEd gives you a refresher on the lockout.  I would suggest the ‘us’ vs. ‘them’ would be the fans vs. the NHL/NHLPA.

Winnipeg Sun:  Meech staying sharp with IceCapsWill this be the season for Meech to crack the team?  With Bogosian’s injury and the departure of guys like Flood and Kulda, it might his best chance to be wearing his hometown jersey consistently.  Of course this would require the lockout to end.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Kane makes KHL debut in BelarusKane didn’t do anything spectacular in his debut but the crowd noise is pretty impressive.
Kane in KHL

Winnipeg Free Press:  U of M educators study NHL impasse from differing perspectiveMissed this yesterday as Ed went back to school to get some local perspectives on the lockout.

CBA news:

Toronto Star:  Don’t expect a mutiny in the NHLPA – Cox. Fehr has solidified his power but that doesn’t mean we won’t be enjoying some more Barch type rants coming from the players.  Especially once the paycheques stop arriving.

Ottawa Citizen:  Just killing time in no man’s landBoth sides need to realize that it is time to make further concessions.  Both know that they will have to however it seems that we are in a ‘don’t blink first’ contest with who will make the first offer to concede further.

Detroit Free Press:  Lockout puts NHL Winter Classic at Michigan Stadium at riskThis is like the nuclear option.  If the players force the owners to miss this event, you can bet we will not be seeing hockey for a long, long time.

Minneapolis Star-Tribune:  NHL talks go nowhere; season likely won’t start on timeI had a feeling last night at the Smashing Pumpkins concert that this might be the closest we get to the Press Box for awhile.
IMG 20121002 02023

ESPN:  No Progress In Labor TalksPretty much all you need to know is stated in the opening line of the story; “the NHL and NHLPA met briefly”.

NHL news:

ESPN:  Been here, done that. We live in a ‘what have you done for me lately’ type of world and despite Ovie being one of the very best, fans want team success.

CFL Report:

Illegal Procedure: Winnipeg Blue Bombers Papers. If you are a fan of CFL football, check out our other site, which gives you all the latest Bombers news.  Talk of the town surrounds the concussion suffered by Buck Pierce.


Wheeler turns back the clock to help Jets take down the defending champs. 'The Winnipeg Jets are shredding the opposition defensively'.


Wheeler proving he’s still a leader for the Jets, regardless of title. Wheeler gets hat trick as Jets bury Avs. Wheeler nets hat trick, Hellebuyck slams the door as Jets rout Avalanche 5-0. Jets know there’s more work to be done.

The Jets are scheduled to practice today as they turn the page on last night's win over the defending Cup champs and prepare for the Jackets who are here on Friday.

The Moose have another day of practice as they prepare for first ever school day game.

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