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Winnipeg Jets: Jets Announce Hockey Operations & Training Staff.

Winnipeg Free Press:  The Jets are jazzedAs are the people of Winnipeg.  You can just sense it.  There has been something in the air this summer, that has taken ‘Friendly Manitoba’ to an entirely new stratosphere.

Winnipeg Sun:  Jets’ Little now a big fishI remember when I saw David Shoalts of the Globe and Mail in the airport around the time of the Jets announcement, I walked up to him and told him that unlike in other markets, even the reporters will get noticed in WinnipegThe players are going to be treated like Kings when they begin to arrive.

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Winnipeg Sun:  Jets top pick pumped.  Let’s hope his on ice play is as smart as he sounds off ice.  So far this selection looks good for the Jets.

After the jump we learn about the new voice(s) of the Jets 2.0 and it isn’t the blast from the past that most were hoping for, Jets uniform still in hanger and Eric Fehr’s recovery.  In IceCaps news the team is gonna start in Gander.  From ‘Around the NHL’ we get a meaningful Crosby update, Sabres are the big boys in New York State, and Bruins Horton is ready to go.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Jets uniform still in hangar.  While the 1st exhibition game is less than a month away (WOW) it seems cruel and unusual to have to wait that long to get a glimpse of the new Jersey.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Small — and big — steps for Jets Fehr I keep forgetting that Fehr is only 25 years old.  Let’s hope he gets back to full health, as he will be a very important piece moving forward.

Winnipeg Sun:  Beyak, Munz tapped as Jets voicesThere appears to be some disappointment from Jets 1.0 fans that Curt Keilback isn’t getting the nod.

IceCaps News:

Gander Beacon:  Coming here firstThey are celebrating the return of AHL hockey right across the Atlantic provinces.

Around the NHL:

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:  Meaningful Crosby updateThis report has me doubting the wisdom of selecting the Jets/Penguins games on Oct.17th.

Buffalo News:  Kotalik is happy to be back with SabresI’m kinda happy to live in an NHL where the Buffalo Sabres are the biggest spenders in the New York market.

Boston Herald:  Bruins Nathan Horton ready to goSomething needs to be done immediately by the NHL to figure out a way to minimize the number of players being concussed.  You can’t afford to lose your stars.