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Winnipeg Jets Morning Papers

The Hockey News:  Top 10 Games to watch this season.  Winnipeg cracked the list twice.  The author did his list in chronilogical order.  How would you have done it?

Globe and Mail:  CBC shoots down anti-Western claims.  You would think if there aren’t that many Flames, Oilers & Canuck Saturday night contests, they would factor the Jets into the 2nd part of the broadcast, not the 1st.   Of course if you look at the schedule the Jets start times on Saturday’s are all early so the above couldn’t really work.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Peek of Jets gear seen on twitter.  Like the colour and the logo.

Blake Wheeler pants

Cornell Daily Sun:  The return of the Winnipeg Jets.  While the article is more of an informative piece for someone who hasn’t been following the Jets return, it is significant in that Winnipeg is again being discussed in forums where we hadn’t been mentioned previously.  I absolutely agree with this statement:

In the U.S., including at Cornell, most people believe Winnipeg is either some obscure farming town or a made-up city. So, by regaining an NHL team, Winnipeg will hopefully become a recognizable city once again.

Former Guns N Roses member talks return to Winnipeg.  Up close and personal with Jets goalie Chris Mason who expects strong rebound from goalies, and Mason is more Hextall than we knew, kinda.  From ‘Around the NHL’ optimism in the desert, NHL need to focus on concussion prevention, Canucks to battle depression as legacy to Rypien and more after the jump.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Up close and personal with Chris Mason.  He’s already our favorite Jet.  Crazy that he once made 74 saves in a single IHL game.

ESPN:  Returning to Canada not always smooth.  Its too bad he (Duff “Rose” McKagan of Guns N’ Roses/Velvet Revolver as Remis pointed out I should have mentioned) had border issues but we appreciate the support nonetheless.

Winnipeg Sun:  Mason expects strong rebound from Jets goalies.  If the goalies rebound strongly, Jets fans are in for a good season.

Winnipeg Sun:  Not much joy in scoring for Jets goalie.  Not exactly Ron Hextall but we will take it.

Around the NHL:

Arizona Republic:  Hope arises that team will stay in the valley.  Smart move to be cautious in their optimism.

Vancouver Sun:  Canucks to enter fight against depression as a legacy to Rypien.  Good on the Canucks for making an effort to spearhead this fight.

TSN:  Connolly ready to get back to health, success in Toronto.  Let’s hope he can stay concussion free.

Ottawa Citizen:  Sidney Crosby tale not a light read.  Brain injuries need to be at the forefront of the NHL focus on injury.