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Winnipeg Jets Morning Papers

Winnipeg Free Press:  Agents, advisers happy to see Jets.  There are a ton of businesses and people who will see a windfall as a result of the return of NHL hockey to Winnipeg.

The Telegram:  IceCaps’ ticket sales have not run dry.  And with the removal of two “dry” sections, they will likely see an increase in both season ticket sales as well as booze purchases.  Of course Danny Williams and company have already established the league’s largest season ticket base, so anything additional at this point is gravy.
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CBS Sports:  A look at Zach Bogosian’s power play usage.  Jets fans are going to have to hope to see a big increase in those numbers next season.

Rick Rypien News:

Winnipeg Free Press:  A tough man and a good teammate.  Here are all the quotes from across the NHL.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Jets never saw it coming.  True North and Rypien had quite the relationship so his passing came as quite a shock to many within the organization.

Vancouver Sun:  Fans grieve over loss of Rypien.  Always nice to see the fans show support for the family after a tragedy.

A lot more Rick Rypien news as well as news from ‘Around the NHL’ including Preds coach Barry Trotz talks Preds and remembers when Jets left how city lost swagger, Hershey as best AHL town, top juniors to test out possible new NHL rules and Senators captain back on the ice after the jump.

SportingNews:  Rick Rypien’s death gives depression in hockey a face.  It is a shame that something like this has to be a catalyst to get people talking.

USA Today:  ‘Everything seemed positive before Rick Rypien’s death.  That is the problem, you might not realize something is wrong, until it is too late.

New York Times:  Rypien’s death follows bouts of depression.   Reading the quote from his mother, you realize that this is a very private matter being dealt with across the most public of forums, and you hope that people treat the issue with respect.

Around the NHL:

Winnipeg Free Press:  Fighting for their livelihood.  Is it time to eliminate fighting in the NHL?  What do you think?

CBS Sports:  Predators hockey entrenched strongly in Nashville.  I’ve always been a fan of the franchise in Nashville.  I like the ‘us against the world’ attitude they seem to have.  Of course Winnipeg native Barry Trotz recognizes what can happen when you lose a team.

“I think when [Winnipeg] lost its team, it lost its swagger… I was [recently] in Winnipeg for my mom and dad’s 50th. Winnipeg’s got its swagger again. Pro sports in communities, especially in smaller communities, they get a little swagger from it.”

Washington Examiner:  Not typical minor league towns.  Hershey is the king of the AHL and they probably could put their fan base up against some NHL ones (and win).

Toronto Star:  Top juniors to test NHL’s proposed new rules.  Wow.  This will be quite interesting to watch, when theory becomes practice.

Ottawa Citizen:  Alfredsson feels ‘good to be back on ice’.  When did Daniel Alfredsson hit 38?  Time flies.  Hope the Sens captain can stay healthy all season.