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Jets news: Plays of the Year – Round 2 Match-up 6. Ticket policy should insult artists.

Affiliate news – St. John’s IceCaps: Out to sink Admirals. St. John’s reaping benefits of IceCaps.Tickets on sale for Admirals’ third-round playoff series.

Stanley Cup news: Kings give Coyotes a winning view of their road show. Coyotes have their work cut out after disheartening Game 1 loss. Rangers-Devils could get ugly. Even Martin Brodeur concedes Henrik Lundqvist is at the top now

Jets news:

Jets official site:  Plays of the Year – Round 2 Match-up 6.  Thorburn vs. Wheeler.  Gonna have to give it to Chris over Blake, as Wheeler is expected to score those type of highlight reel goals whereas it was a bit of a shocker to see Thorburn’s wheels.

Metro News:  Ticket policy should insult artistsHere is a crazy concept, ban politicians from receiving any free tickets that would be provided by a public corporation.  Why should you be able to use $200 symphony tickets but not $200 Jets tickets?  Makes no senseAnd hopefully this is the last we discuss the ticket-gate scandal.

Affiliate news – St. John’s IceCaps:

Winnipeg Sun:  IceCaps out to sink AdmiralsWhile the IceCaps had a very successful inaugural season, Norfolk was redefining what the word success meant this past season.  They set a professional hockey league record with 28 straight wins during the regular season.  This series pits #1 against #2 in the East and should be a doozy.

VOCM:  St. John’s reaping benefits of IceCaps.  Much like the benefits downtown Winnipeg has seen, the Jets farm team is seeing a similar spike in the economics of the area surrounding Mile One arena.

The Virginian-Pilot:  Tickets on sale for Admirals’ third-round playoff seriesFirst two games in the Eastern Conference Finals take place in Virgina starting on Thursday.

Stanley Cup news:

L.A. Times:  Kings give Coyotes a winning view of their road showThe Kings ruled the rink in Phoenix.  With the exception of Quick’s mistake on the Morris goal, Los Angeles showed no rust from their 8 day layoff.

Arizona Republic:  Coyotes have their work cut out after disheartening Game 1 lossPrior to Game 1, the Desert Dogs were relishing the role of underdogs.   With that moniker comes the reality that this is a heck of a good L.A. team they are facing.

New York Daily News:  Rangers-Devils could get uglyThis is the type of Conference Finals that could eclipse the Stanley Cup Finals.   Whenever the two teams across the Hudson River from each other face off, the blood feud reunites.

Star-Ledger:  Even Martin Brodeur concedes Henrik Lundqvist is at the top nowHigh praise might be quite the calculated move by one of the most accomplished goalies in the game, helping to put all the pressure on his younger counterpart.

Illegal Curve Hockey Replay:
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Part 1:  Show opening, New York Rangers vs. Washington Capitals game seven preview.  Game seven preview, St. John’s IceCaps discussion.  Interview with Josh Cooper of the Tennessean.  Interview with Bruce Dowbiggin of the Globe & Mail.  Phoenix Coyotes vs. Los Angeles Kings Western Conference Final preview.  Eastern Conference final preview.

Part 2:  Philadelphia Flyers post-mortem, Ilya Bryzgalov, James Van Riemsdyk.  St. Louis Blues post-mortem, Chris Stewart.  Interview with Bobby Holik of  NHL News & Notes.  Rapid Fire.

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