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Winnipeg Jets head coach Paul Maurice end of 2021 season interview

Winnipeg Jets head coach Paul Maurice met with the media via zoom for his interview to conclude the 2020-21 season.

Time for reflection with the Jets bench boss as he looks back at the 2021 Jets season.


1) What is it going to take for this group to get to the next level?
2) Are there some adjustments needed?
3) Does Connor Hellebuyck mask issues with the team?
4) Does he feel that he and his GM are in synch about use of prospects?
5) Does he have an end of season interview with Kevin Cheveldayoff?
6) Shelf life for a coach?
7) Is he comfortable that this is the right core to get to the Cup?
8) The return to the Central Division.
9) His reflections on the Habs series.
10) Where has the team overachieved?
11) What does he want the identity of this to be?
12) What would he say to the people who say it’s all because of Hellebuyck?
13) What is the message to young guys?
14) When to play young guys so they can learn lessons?
15) Integrating the young D prospects into the lineup?
16) Challenges this year presented as a head coach.
17) How confident is it that the D can catch up to Connor Hellebuyck next year?
18) Can the core handle a trade to acquire a Norris style defenceman?
19) Comment about his not shaking hands at end of series with Habs.