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Winnipeg Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff reflects on day 1 of 2020 NHL Draft

Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff wraps up the first day of the 2020 NHL Draft.


1. Getting Cole Perfetti
2. The buzz on Perfetti and his comparison to Nikita Kucherov by a coach of his in Saginaw.
3. What the conversation were like about Perfetti with the scouts?
4. What the Jets night looks like ahead of day 2.
5. The significance of having Crytal Hawerchuk involved in making the pick?
6.  What does it mean to add a top end talent down the middle and what does he need to do to make it difficult for the Jets to not keep him around?
7. The grouping of players at 10.
8. The level of maturity of Perfetti.
9. Would Perfetti have been inside his top 5 of his draft list?
10. Does pick 40 give them an opportunity to get more picks?
11. Any parallels to be drawn between Mark Scheifele and Cole Perfetti?
12. On the difficulty of the current pandemic and how it would impact Perfetti potentially making the Jets.
13. How different the doing the draft in this manner.
14. Will the lack of interaction on the draft floor impact ability to make deals?
15. What does it say about selecting players who are accomplished off the ice (i.e. scholastic player of the year).