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Winnipeg Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff conference call on Trouba contract

The Jets GM held a conference call to discuss the signing of the RFA defenceman.

The Jets GM held a conference call to discuss the signing of the RFA defenceman.



On getting the deal done.  Did he get a good feeling coming out of Detroit?  Did he agree in advance to sign Trouba and then immediately trade him?  Avoiding rancor between Jets and Trouba, how does he expect #8 to be welcomed back?  When does he expect Trouba to be in Winnipeg and when might he be in the lineup?  Where did they miss Trouba the most during his absence?  How were they able to get Trouba back in the Jets camp and has he rescinded his trade request?  On July 1st are they anticipating getting a long term deal done with Trouba?  On Trouba’s conditioning?  Did injuries on the back end or play of current D contribute to this signing?  How does his focus shift?  Any thoughts to moving Byfuglien to forward?  If Trouba comes to Winnipeg in great shape when might he be in the lineup?  What is the team’s role in getting Trouba back into the room and back with the fans?  Did he have opportunity to talk longer term deal or was focus on a bridge?  At any point in this process did he anticipate a trade happening?  How would he characterize his relationship with Kurt Overhardt?


– on last few days: “We are excited to announce this deal. Kurt his rep and I have had constant dialogue. Today we came to terms.”

– on whether they would trade Trouba once he signs: (Pause): “Jacob Trouba is a Winnipeg Jet. We are announcing his signing.”

– on Trouba’s return: “Everyone knows there is a business side. Players in that room are family. I think he will be welcomed back.”

– on whether he will be ready to get new deal done with Trouba on July 1st: “The ink is still drying on this one.” (Do they use quills?)

– on Trouba’s conditioning: “It will be something he discusses with Paul. We still have to get him here and through medicals.”

– on whether the injuries or play of Jets D spurred this signing: “No we’ve been interested in signing Trouba for some time”

– on what has changed in last month since trade request became public: “From my side nothing has changed”

– on mending relationship with fans: “He will go out there & play hard. Do things he did in first three years to make him fan favourite.”

– on things not getting ‘personal’ during negotiations: “From very onset Jacob didn’t have a problem playing in Winnipeg and in Canada”.