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Winnipeg Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff conference call on Frolik signing

The Jets GM spoke to media about signing his last RFA.

Cheveldayoff 2014

The Jets GM spoke to the media today on signing winger Michael Frolik to a one year contract today.

Cheveldayoff  – On signing a one year deal.

Cheveldayoff  – Concern with the risk of Frolik becoming a UFA at end of 2015 season?

Cheveldayoff  – If the five year deal was something both sides wanted to do what impeded getting it done?

Cheveldayoff  – Is this the foundation for further talks or does the slate get wiped clean?

Cheveldayoff  – Benefits to avoiding arbitration hearing?

Cheveldayoff  – What does Frolik bring to the team?

Kevin Cheveldayoff  – How close is he to where he expected to be at this point in the summer?

Kevin Cheveldayoff  – Draft and develop vs. UFA market and Winnipeg.

Cheveldayoff  – What didn’t the club do in terms of money/term for Frolik that would allow deal to get done?

Cheveldayoff  – What does he expect to change in next 6-12 months?

Cheveldayoff  – On the Jets being a team likely to spend to the cap?

Cheveldayoff  – On the use of analytics by the Jets?

Audio courtesy of TSN Radio 1290.