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Winnipeg Jets end of season media availability: Mark Scheifele

Hear from the Jets top centre as the team concludes the 2019-20 season with media availability.


1. Nature of the injury and the play itself?
2. How tough was it mentally to be injured in game 1?
3. He doesn’t feel that it was intentional?
4. Is he optimistic that he would be ready for next season?
5. Did he feel a bit unlucky after all the work he did in getting hockey back? (being on negotiating committee).
6. How impressed is he with how things have gone in the bubble?
7. His impressions of the Jets/Flames series?
8. Does he have any idea as to when he will be back on the ice?
9. How will his relationship be with Matthew Tkachuk going forward?
10. How will he look back at the 2019-20 season and does he think it will be like this next year?
11. How will he look back at this year?
12. How far away are the Jets from being elite competitors and what do they need to do to get back?
13. How impressed was he with things in the hub city?
14. Did it bring him back to his youth days?
15. What did he learn from this experience?
16. What is the journey from the dark spot after the injury to the positivity he is feeling now?
17. Will he keep an eye on the balance of the playoffs, how does he watch the playoffs?
18. Can the Jets compete for next season?
19. Which team does he like as a potential favourite and a potential dark horse?