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Winnipeg Jets Afternoon News

Winnipeg Jets Afternoon News (Thursday, Jan 19th)

Jets news: Tim Horton’s unveils Jets doughnut. Wheeler in, Bogosian out as Jets face Sabres. Wary of Sabres’ ineptness on road.

Check out this new Tim Horton’s Promo – Jets Doughnut:
Jets doughnut

Winnipeg Free Press:  Citizen KaneLooks like Evander Kane is going all “blogger” on usShould be an interesting read.

Winnipeg Sun:  Wheeler will be back against SabresAnd not a moment too soon.  No question that his absence has been felt.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Wheeler in, Bogosian out as Jets face SabresThe Jets need Bogosian back although neither Buffalo nor Floria are particularly “heavy” teams as coach Noel likes to reference the Boston and San Jose types.

CBC:  Jets wary of Sabres’ ineptness on roadThe Jets should be wary of the Sabres.  Despite an OT win last week in Buffalo, the Jets were lucky in that the Sabres were playing the 2nd game of a back-to-back and should have been tired and “easy pickings”.  Simialrly, the Sabres were destroyed by the Hawks 6-2 last night so the Jets need to jump on this fragile visiting team early and often.

Illegal Curve:  Jets post-practice audio.  Wheeler, Bogosian, Little and coach Noel.