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Winnipeg Jets Afternoon News

Winnipeg Jets Afternoon News (Wednesday, Dec 21st)

Teemu blogs in Finnish about his time in Winnipeg. Meet the Jets. Noel mum on Habs coaching controversy. Time to spread some Christmas cheer. Rare achievement for Nabokov in win. Islanders goalie Al Montoya has a concussion.

Next opponent news – Montreal Canadiens: Habs limp into Chicago. In tough against Blackhawks.

Note:  Evander Kane will be helping out Winnipeg Harvest tonight from 5-7 pm at Murray Chevrolet (1700 Waverley Street).  Ondrej Pavelec will be at Jim Gauthier GMC (2400 Mcphillips) also from 5-7 pm today.

MTV31:  From which I will never forget.  Just when you thought the Teemu love fest was finally over, the Finnish Flash pens something over in Finland, and the love continues.  I don’t think there is any question (after reading this article) as to which way he is leaning (playing or retiring) after this season concludesIf you missed his post-game press conference following the Jets/Ducks game, here it is.  (we’ve placed the google translation of Teemu’s blog at the bottom of this post).

Winnipeg Free Press:  Jets`Noel mum on Habs coaching controversy.  Coach Noel probably doesn’t want to start a fire storm of controversy with the french media who will be in Winnipeg tomorrow plus he has enough to worry about after last night’s lackluster performance from his squad.  The Jets were lucky to escape with a single point in the shootout loss.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Time to spread some Christmas cheer.   I’ve been remiss in not wishing everyone a Happy Hanukkah (today is the 2nd day of the Festival of Lights).  It is a good time of year to help out our fellow Manitobans.

CSN Bay Area:  Rare achievement for Nabokov in win.  Last night Nabokov pulled off something he hadn’t done since March 2nd, 2000.
Wellwood on shootout

USA Today:  Islanders goalie Al Montoya has a concussion.  Not a big surprise considering the wallop he received from a hard charging Evander Kane.  Looks like David Ullstrom also suffered a concussion when he tried to make a hit but missed and fell awkwardly into the boards.

Next opponent news – Montreal Canadiens:

CSN Chicago:  Habs limp into Chicago.  One lucky benefit for the Jets is team’s having to swing through Chicago and St. Paul before they make their way to Winnipeg.  A tough night in the Windy city can only be of benefit to the Jets.  If you need more convincing, read this post on the result of playing back-to-back this season.

TSN:  Canadiens in tough against Blackhawks.  Looks like Habs backup Peter Budaj will be starting tonight in Chicago which means we might be seeing Carey Price in the Peg’ tomorrow.

Teemu’s Finnish Blog Post:

From Google translate: (not sure how accurate this is, but shows the general idea)

On December 17, the day was on my mind for a long time, until the summer, it was not needed, even the calendar. I knew that the day will be an important day in my career, the day so that I can finally say for Winnipeg and to the great people thank you for everything.

Four wonderful years together ended in a bitter and a phone call the very next day I had “flown” in the duck flock, and new challenges. During the four years between me and the fans was incredible relationship, but they got to know I feel so important and special. In games I got from them so terribly that the amount of excess energy between the feeling that we had one player on the ice more than the opponent. I never got a chance to say goodbye for fans and fans had a chance to say the same about me.

Last Saturday was corrected at once, and wow what a way! It’s hard to put into words the feeling that I felt the whole 20 hours during the visit. The most enthusiastic fans were waiting outside the hotel’s three o’clock in the morning and Ducksien organized press conference drew a ballroom full of media. It seemed that everyone had a story to tell, and to say thank you.

Hall at the start of warm-up, I felt that the evening should be amazing. I was hoping that almost MPLIANCEWITH game never ends. Particularly fine evening was also the fact that my mother and my family were involved in experiencing this wonderful evening. The boys had been in their mouths open the whole game and wondered whether this be true. They saw a grandstand view of what is a Canadian ice hockey a passion and appreciation. On Monday at the airport check-in was still in the restaurant ran a waiter’s tray, and Swiss roll with my family to say goodbye, and said with emotion: “The game last Saturday was the best hockey event ever – I mean ever. I was crying from the national anthems till the final horn of the first period – Thank you for returning home. ”

The game press conference after the last question helped me to tell everyone what I could from the ice townspeople say out loud. A local reporter asked whether something I would like everyone to say. One word was enough: Thank you!

Even though our season has been the case a nightmare, so at the beginning of the Helsinki visit trip to Winnipeg, and now have already made this season worth playing! These lessons I am so grateful!

It seems that two of the big circle is now closed. I got to say goodbye to two place of my so important in my career. So basically just a good-bye to Anaheim for the left, and even that is looming around the corner, then the time …

One more game against the Los Angeles Kingseja and then the Christmas celebrations! I am looking forward to it! Traditional Finnish Christmas: bath, good food and drink, and loved ones of people around the …

All a happy and peaceful Christmas!