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Winnipeg Jets Afternoon News

Winnipeg Jets Afternoon News (Thursday, Dec 22nd)

Jets no longer thrashing around. Jets welcome Canadiens to Winnipeg. Pavelec calls out teammates. Coach Noel not comfortable in French, but that’s no controversy. Jets & Habs audio.

Next opponent news – Montreal Canadiens: Habs Cunneyworth unconcerned by French-language controversy. Quebec nationalist protest planned for upcoming Canadiens game.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:  A rare lookAppears that their will be some Penguins brass in attendance, scouting tonight’s Habs/Jets game.

ESPN:  5 things (Jets no longer thrashing around).  The Jets have arrived.  Top billing in Scott Burnside’s 5 things he has observed from the NHL so far this season.  In this instance it has to do with fans holding the team accountable.

TSN:  Jets welcome Canadiens to WinnipegMunz has the expected Jets lines.  The Habs didn’t practice and did play last night.  No announced changes other than Carey Price will be starting.  I’m interested to see if the Habs fans who didn’t wear their jerseys out of loyalty to the Jets during the home opener will bring out the Habs gear tonight and if so, how many will be in the stands.
Mark Stuart and Zach Bogosian

TSN:  Pavelec calls out teammatesBit of a sensational title.  He was clearly frustrated because the team needs to start scoring some dirty goals and they won’t do that if they play the way they did on Tuesday Pavelec wants someone in front causing some problems for the opposition goalie.  Perhaps that is just what the doctor ordered for Chris Thorburn who will be happy if a goal goes off his pads and into the net.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Coach Noel not comfortable in French, but that’s no controversyHe was asked a question a week or so back during an non game-day press conference in French and after answering the question apologized to the media for his rusty “Chinese”I would defer to the great Red Fisher who penned an excellent article this morning on the role of Anglophone coaches throughout Habs history.

Winnipeg Sun:  Sports year in reviewSun sports editor Ted Wyman, columnist Paul Friesen and writer Kirk Penton debate the biggest stories of the year, including the return of the Winnipeg Jets and the Blue Bombers making a trip to the Grey Cup.

Game-day audio:

Winnipeg Jets:  Pavelec, Mason, Antropov, Ladd and Burmistrov.

Montreal Canadiens:  Cammalleri, Moen, Subban and coach Cunneyworth.

Next opponent news – Montreal Canadiens:

Winnipeg Free Press:  Habs Cunneyworth unconcerned by French-language controversyWhile it is clear that the Habs coach is aware of the storm brewing in La Belle Province, there is nothing he can do other than coach this team and hope a few W’s will calm the storm.

Globe and Mail:  Quebec nationalist protest planned for upcoming Canadiens gameMy guess is the people who choose to attend this rally aren’t protesting the working knowledge of french possessed by the Habs coach, but the fact that they were unable to secure tickets to see their iconic team playing at the Bell Centre.