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Development Camp

Winnipeg Jets 2019 Development Camp Day 5

A look at day 5 of Jets Development Camp.

Joona Luoto at Dev Camp

Photo Credit: Dave Mahussier

Jets prospects and Development Camp invitees concluded their week here in Winnipeg with a scrimmage.  For those curious it was a defensive “gem” which only saw each side score once. Finnish forward Joona Luoto, pictured above, stood out although it is a Development Camp in the middle of summer so no point in getting too worked up about it.


Ville Heinola


On his focus this summer “I try to improve everything but I think the biggest thing is get more strength.”

Said he didn’t know if he will be at Jets training camp.

Mikhail Berdin


On his first year pro “I played lots of games.  Like 55 or 60 games for me.  It’s pretty good development for me for first season for goalie.  It means a lot for me.  But I don’t think a lot about last season you know I focus for next season.  I need to work hard this summer and be ready for next season.”

On his ability to play the puck “I’m so excited for they let me play how I want cause when I play in Russia coach doesn’t let me play with puck a lot.  They say every time stay in net, your job makes saves.  But I talk with Passy (Moose coach Pascal Vincent) and goalie coach here and they work for I play puck a lot.  I am so excited for this.”

When he didn’t understand a question he said “Actually I don’t understand your question but I need to say something” which had everyone (himself included) laughing.

When asked if it is his goal to score a goal at the pro level “I had couple of chances in East Coast.  Really close.  I shoot three or four times.  No worry.  I will score.  I know this.”  (Hard to forget his reaction when he scored a goal in the USHL).

Said Eric Comrie helped him quite a bit.