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Winnipeg Jets

Dan Robertson will be the new play by play voice of the Winnipeg Jets

Meet the new voice of the Jets.

After a summer of anticipation following the retirement of Dennis Beyak, folks in Manitoba and fans of the Winnipeg Jet appear to know who the new voice of the NHL team will be as  Dan Robertson is listed in the game notes for tonight’s game against the Oilers. He was in attendance at the IcePlex today watching practice.

The Maritime product has spent the last eight seasons as the English play by play radio broadcaster for TSN 690 covering the Montreal Canadiens.

Presuming it is longer term than one game (which it is) Winnipeg is getting a well-respected and experienced play by play voice in Robertson.

Learn more about the new voice of the Jets from this article in the Montreal Gazette.

Technically it isn’t “official” as TSN hasn’t made the official announcement. But you can expect to hear something from Dan tonight on the broadcast.


It is now official as Dan introduced himself to start game 1 of the pre-season.

“I am the new full-time voice of the Winnipeg Jets on TSN and it makes me very happy to tell you that”.

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