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The HD Corner – Random Notes

I would like to open with a brilliant quote from legendary broadcaster Bob Cole during the opening moments of last night’s Leafs-Bruins game:

“…and to all of our Jewish friends, happy Channukah!”

Here are some random notes/links:

Check out William Houston’s recent article from the Globe and Mail regarding some behind the scenes insight about Coach’s Corner. And yes, this includes information on how grade 9 drop-out Don Cherry prepares for each week’s segment. For some reason it didn’t shock me that his preparation doesn’t include any in-depth NHL statistical analysis.

Grapes’ rant from last week’s Coach’s Corner concerning the recent minor hockey league brawl is also worth looking at. He also goes on to rip Steve Ludzik of The Score, or of Sportsnet has Cherry says (skip to the 5:30 mark of the clip).

Did anyone else catch Lisa Bowes’ triumphant return to TSN? To my surprise, she was featured as a Calgary correspondent on SportsCentre earlier this week. The last time I saw her name was on Illegal Curve’s own Ari Baum-Cohen’s sign at the 1999 World Jr. Championships, asking for her hand in marriage.