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The HD Corner – Unique FSN Game

As first reported in The HD Corner, a Kings – Ducks game on FSN West was broadcasted without any play-by-play or colour commentary earlier this week. The unique broadcast was in HD, with special low camera angles that provided a unique perspective of the game. FSN Prime Ticket was also showing the game with the usual play calling, so it was interesting to go back and forth in between the two feeds. At first the distinct broadcast seemed like a great idea, but I found it hard to follow without the commentary. Watching a game live in person without commentary, and having the ability to focus on a certain area of the rink was a completely different experience than what was shown during this broadcast. Often at times, the camera would zoom-in on a particular player during a play stoppage, and it felt slightly uncomfortable tying to figure out what the purpose was for the iso shot.

The Score HD made its triumphant debut this weekend on Express Vu in Western Canada to little fanfare. Don’t get me wrong – the ticker’s Arial font in HD is breathtaking; however, the majority of the highlights are still in poor quality standard definition. And no, I don’t care if WWE’s Thursday Night Smackdown! will be in HD.

It looks like Mike Toth’s work on Sportsnetnews will be drastically decreasing, and he has apparently opted for more work on the FAN 590 in Toronto. Earlier this year Toth roughed up a Sportsnet producer over a minor difference in opinion, but according to sources, Toth’s decreasing workload wasn’t a result of this previous confrontation. It is however, arguably the funniest breaking news since Dutchie from TSN got in a brawl at his buddy’s wedding. Although Toth was quite cocky behind the desk, his Bob Cole impression will surely be missed. In other Sportsnet gossip, Greg Ross has flown the coup. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this doesn’t mean more Jim Lange air time.

For those with XM Satelite Radio, you’ll be happy to know that NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman will debut his new talk show called “NHL Hour” on November 27th. Bill Clement will co-host, who is apparently so desperate for work that he thought it would be a good career move to be involved in a business opportunity with Bettman. Bob Goodenow will probably call into the show to tell Clement “I told you so”.

It's a low bar to clear, but we promise that tomorrow's 14th anniversary broadcast of The IC Hockey Show will be more entertaining than the skills competition!

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