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Return of the Jets: Can Winnipeg really support NHL hockey, Coyotes can’t win over fans.

Toronto Sun: Goldwater has a good case for injunction.  Time for the battle of the experts or in this case lawyers with expertise in constitutional law.

Vancouver Sun:  Coyotes aren’t making any long range plans“Now is the time to be selling season tickets,” Maloney said. “But how can we ask for deposits when we can’t tell people the team will be there?”  From what I’ve been reading it appears the Coyotes have been soliciting STH’s to sign 2 year contracts.

TSN:  Dreger Report:  Nothing Jets related in his mailbag but he did have this interesting line at the end of the article;

Thanks for your emails. I look forward to next weeks mailbag. In the meantime, enjoy your weekend and stay close to as we continue to monitor all developments involving the Phoenix Coyotes. If a resolution isn’t reached today, tomorrow or Sunday, we’ll have a full update in Monday’s edition of The Dreger Report.

Toronto Sun:  New owners only solution for the ThrashersGotta feel bad for Thrashers fans as they’ve only had  1 playoff appearance in over a decade of play.  However it appears that time isn’t on their side as “once the Coyotes situation is resolved, the Thrashers might have as little as six weeks to resolve their situation”.

Montreal Gazette:  Coyotes can’t win over fans.  Based on the attendance figures, you wouldn’t know that the team currently sits 4th in the ever tight Western Conference.  With 6 or 7 home games remaining it should be interesting to see how the fans in Arizona support their team.  Which will it be?

Edmonton Journal:  Peter Adler throws cold water on the notion of the Jets moving to Winnipeg.  While I don’t think this article has much value, it is always interesting to read what others have to say about our fair city. He lost me when I read the answer to his question regarding changes to the Manitoba market since the mid 90’s.  He states; “in the overall economic picture, the answer is simple: NOT MUCH.”  Actually, not much would appear to be the amount of time he spent researching this article.

“Throwing cold water on the notion of the Jets moving to Winnipeg”?  Are we supposed to be impressed that Peter Adler himself is throwing cold water on said notion?

Additionally, shouldn’t the article have been called; Throwing cold water on the notion of the Jets returning to Winnipeg?