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Drama in the Desert Weekend Report: Rumors spreading about bonds, Hulsizer sweetens the pot and more

Bond Rumor:  Chatter has spread like wildfire online all weekend that there has been some movement regarding the bonds(that same have been sold or taken off market) that would save the Coyotes.

Update: Matthew Hulsizer appeared on Fox Sports Arizona and both his interview and a transcript of same are posted below.  It would appear that the bonds are not yet sold, although that isn’t to say that they haven’t lined up interested parties.  It would appear that the next move is the Goldwater Institute’s.

Full transcript of the Hulsizer interview with Todd Walsh, click here.

Arizona Republic:  Phoenix Coyotes rising above the madness. Interesting to hear what the other teams in Arizona are saying about the Yotes.

Vancouver Sun:  Coyotes a hot act in a bad circusDespite all the negative press the Coyotes on ice performance continues to impress.